Flawed Democracy Times Three…

librabluetoliteToday…Government must be… ‘The Way of  Humane Authority.’

Therefore…Democracy is a flawed ideal. Why? It is based upon the sovereignty of the people. It is government granting power to democratically elected representatives. It is a government of more than one source of legitimacy…Presently! The multiplicity of our Senate and Congress cancels one another. Add a horror show: Of Democrats-Republicans-Tea Bangers…Oh my!

Practicing…Democracy creates problems. The interests and desires of the electorate are political choices. Moral issues develop: the majority may wish for; racism-imperialism-colonialism-fascism or… Short-term interests and solutions override the long-term interests of all mankind. Greed and Waste and War.

War… ‘What it is good for?’ It ends life too quickly. Innocence dies! History is a rewrite! The graciousness’ of living—gone! Young men and women fight and die…Hearts-do-break! We love our children! Religion not needed! Christ–What a Blur-Job…Once Truth existed? When and Where and How?

Money’s…Interests are political interests and are the priority of the Incumbent.  America (with democratically invested state governments) is unable to develop and sustain independent energy sources and our internal resources. Curbing energy usage? Without responsible (Humane Authority), the incumbent government of the moneyed electorate destroys the future choices of future generations…WOW!

Humane Authority…Examines political legitimacy. It is not ‘the peoples’ thoughts regarding their leaders. It is the true examination of a Ruler/President/Prime Minister/Governor/Mayor/Judge/Congressional/Senatorial and whatever. Let us; determine if he or she has the right to be a ruler (elected or not).

Criteria…Legitimacy through knowledge of the Earth, the Heavens and the People…Easy!

America…Practices a government called Democratic Capitalism. It is a combination of all things Social-Economical-Political. When successful, this ideology is a tripartite of democratic polity; Free markets, Fiscal responsibility and Balance.

The Economic Engine…Is supported by the capitalist-free-market-economy. Jobs are many and all people have employment. The people of a Capitalist Democracy become ‘through hard work’ a prosperous people…’We, the People in order to form!’

Truth…Capitalism is an impossible taskmaster. The Greed of Destruction is the method of governance. So! Short is the time of a Capitalist Democracy. Quickly; this is changed into Authoritarian Capitalism. Government is a tripartite of: Special Interest Groups, Corporate Lobbyists and Money…Koch (Coke) Brothers, etc.

We are…The grip of terror. This is the time of blurred vision and lies. This is the time of pathetic sound-bites and pathetic News-Shows in four-part harmony. And! Blah-Blah-Blah…

Revolution…Is the reality. Truth! Socialism is a movement forward. The Union of Laborers and Professionals…Easy?

And! Beautiful you are…

‘Among the Stars there is a Place where my Heart Always Returns.’  by Unsun…




America Dead…

To Rule America Please:

Establish a harmonious society free of today’s enormous gap between the rich and the poor.

Rid government of corruption and replace this abomination with social justice.

Understand progress! Progress is a combination of success and failure. America’s leaders are cowards. They praise their successes and blame others for their failures.

Admit your mistakes and covet your corrections. Follow this method and your attempts to govern may become useful to all of us.

Govern by way of legislative revolution, realism and ‘soft control.’

The proper use of ‘Humane Authority’ dusts away the inhuman results of tyranny. All forms of ‘Inequality’ create enemies of the state and of the country. Inequality equals hate and revolution and ultimately war.

A ‘Hegemonic America’ has cheated both at home and aboard. The result: A government of indifference toward moral (not religious) concerns and violence against non-allies.

Presently: America’s condition equals a country of scattered revolution (little ‘r’). America’s heart and soul is both attacked and is dying.

If a true Revolution (big ‘R’) does not overnight appear and succeed – America is dead. Then…’Long live Tyranny’?

And! Beware of future Oil wars and China? “Beware of Wolves at Night—Beware of the Moon’s Light.”

And! Beautiful you are…

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