From Somewhere World…

7Winter’s walk around Village Square and Father…The great man took his son’s hand and they wandered the snow-covered and light-filled place…The trees were huge and the sky was bright. On a hill just above them, a choir practiced those songs of Christmas past—of that moment and about those days of coming.

“What do you hear?” he asked. “Music,” the boy answered…”And what else?” Little children…hear the magic of those sounds present and questions are never answered from…

“What do you hear—Daddy? I hear the flapping wings of middle angels and the thunder of snowfall and the twinkling of lights and…you.” he answered.

Christmas walks and Mothers and Fathers and families are forever things—as are people and memories and songs and dances and sorrow and laughter and Life…

On these quiet nights, just before the Holiday of Family Song…I hear Father!

Merry Christmas to our world and maybe somewhere on middling planet—not steeped in all of our pertinacious folly there is Peace on Earth…Father’s favorite Christmas song started as… “I heard the bells on Christmas Day. Their old, familiar carols play. And wild and sweet the words repeat. Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”Henry Wadsworth Longfellow…

Hey! Great ideas…All this talk of Peace and Love and Understanding. No religion required! These are three simple notions. All we need…Us and being able to hear one another…

So this is hoping—that for once during the time of lives and for the folks of a planet of somewhere…Merry Peace and Love and Understanding.

And! Beautiful you are…


Orbits or Spins…

Are we actually able to destroy this massive orb we cling to as it twirls and spins across the heavens? ‘Hold on—we’re coming.’

I often wonder if our Global issues are more egocentric mischief and another grand marketing ploy-plan-joke-reality. Humanity is a self-centered, monotheistic, one world lived, jumble of lies and truth and refuse and life. And! Life is sacred…Life is beyond religion and ministry and belief and government and rule and control. Life is and thankfully Life happens—everywhere…ad infinitum! Why? Why-not?

We know and believe the pure chemical garbage—we intake, ingest, spew, create, destroy, plant, protect, pillage, plunder, use, misuse, mine, drill, refine, spill, clean, control, slave, market, sell, eat, love and hate—kills all that contacts these miracles of science and greed.

Life adapts or ceases. Life begins-survives and dies…Life does continue! Life happens and there is nothing humanity can contrive to stop this occurrence. It is the continuation that allows us to survive…Without us/humanity/animal/mineral/plant…Life happens!

Maybe those are the Gods we should worship…Life! Nothing greater or less…And! In our monotheistic confusion and the eternal hunt for center-plus-power-to-greed, we destroy the presence of this current humanity. Add the pitiful attempt to exact a slippery control of chaos and we produce war-destruction-death and inhumanity…Wowzer!

Words written and words overloaded.

Yes! We have Global Issues…Important problems and Actual solutions.  Work to be done now for Now and now for our Future. However, life will survive with or without us.

While everything may remove us from this Planet, we are cowards and we love our children! No religions or governments…required.

And! Beautiful you are…

No War without Man…

‘Among the Stars there is a Place where my Heart Always Returns.’

Where is man without war? Where is life without its own destruction? If we are unable to stand upon this high ground and rip out our still beating hearts and with our guns and spears and arrows and mighty armies not destroy one another why are we considered killers and not the damned ones?

My country is the only country that has used atomic power to destroy two cities in Japan. My country is the only country using atomic power to kill humanity. Since WWII, no nuclear nation has used its atomic energy to war against each other. The people of Iran love their children. Their leaders love life. Presently, let us hope that civilization has turned away from Nuclear Warfare. Let us use guns and spears and arrows and rockets (conventional weapons) to destroy mankind…Let us destroy ourselves one human at a time—OK?

•    Iran says it can launch missiles at US bases throughout the Gulf
•    Iranian commander says missiles can reach 35 US bases in the Gulf
•    Iran has been holding a number of military drills in the Strait of Hormuz
•    Iran’s state news agency says dozens of missiles were tested
•    Drill included missiles capable of hitting US targets in the Gulf
•    The US has stepped up its military presence in the gulf
•    The US navy’s 5th fleet is in Bahrain – about 200 km from Iran’s coast
•    The US and EU embargo on Iranian oil imports came into effect on July 01
•    Iran threatens to shut the Strait of Hormuz in response to sanctions
•    Western powers say they will not tolerate obstruction in the strait
•    Around 20 per cent of world’s crude oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz
•    Experts say Iran’s oil exports are down by 40 per cent compared to last year

And! Beautiful you are…

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God-Creators and Life

In our beginning, our Creators (Mother and Father Lords), Terra-formed or created the Earth and the Heavens. (And perhaps a few more earth-like  formations). We are life and we are created in the creators’ images. We are both pretty and ugly…

Creation is both, beautiful and ugly.

With a great deal of speculation our Modern and Greedy Churches, Temples, Pyramids and whatever are responsible for the terror and death across the laborious and ugly part of creation. Do we still copy wars that were once alive and well during the clashes of Heaven and Earth, Mars and wherever these terrors were developed and utilized? WOW and woe to our kind!

Did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene?  Does these historical events matter or are matter or what-is-the matter with Formal Religion? Stealing that dollar in the name of …?

Truth, no fear, no poverty and Peace and Love and Understanding is the beauty of Creation. Where!  Must have been the creation of another place or another planet. Certainly! The joys of Peace have never existed on Earth. And! Do we worship the Gods of Abraham? Are not Gods the Mother and Father of all Creation? Try and outlive reality through hope and fear and a whatever in a damned and whatever place.

Women were not dragged from Adam’s rib. Man and Woman share a dab of DNA; however, the Mother of Creation “brought forth” the continuation of earth-bound people. Mankind is a simple spark and with that spark, womankind creates the children of another generation, of life and of death, ad infinitum. Suprise!  Children are eternal life.

The ugly side of earth-bound continuation we fear, as any living thing fears, both life and the end of life. Also, remember that Religion Kills…


While above Ground…

In Life’s Mind’s eye, I have seen the heavens on fire with the blazing guns of starships, planets of beginning’s end, and flashes within war clouds on high and on lighted skies for a trillion miles across the sky. The Alpha and the Omega, where Titans ruled Atlantis and men of great renown ruled a place in time now gone and a history of never was, on both the Earth and in the sky. We were before the Flood and a tiny part of Genesis that sometime happened on a sometime world or worlds of other places and other times. Our Garden of Eden and (the) original Sin, then tossed off-world? Eden should have been better than ruining from T-Rex or eaten by stronger uprights. Eden and sin and serpents, oh my!

We are the proof of far removed parents, when gods ruled and created woman and man in places from Sirius to Mars to Earth and beyond.  Our rulers and our ruled and our voices and our religions have rewritten our beginnings in so many places and in so many might have beginnings that these truths or fictions have lost and been lost in history.  But may still continue.

You and I and Life.  Presently, on this earth, because of heaven’s own whimsy. In any form, by any improvement or destruction, we are still alive.  Through the death and destruction of many wars and because of the knowledge gained through war, we still are Alive…By Sin and Survival and Survival and Sin, we still remain above ground?

So! Live the Sweet Life Forever.