A Here and After…

What is a representative American group? America is a melting pot. Are we melting or diluted just enough to seem civilized? Our influences are creations. These creations are combinations of  causes and effects ad infinitum. We blend these until yes and no is our very own thing. We are the country. America is a ridiculous hodgepodge creature created not to move but destined to fly. We are from different places and from a variety of beliefs, abilities, fears, sorrows, happiness, shrieking madness and terrifying constructions. We are put together with a lot sweat and too much battling whimsy and all the other things, spicy and nice and not recognized by any eye.

All of us have the freedom to explore and improvise within an uncertain framework.  So! Do we improvise with words?

Then Shift to:

Fear of not noticing this life and this death. No! For he is fondly remembered and has not been fondly remembered by all of us that knew him. He is sure that they cannot remember his name. For he has forgotten many of those faces that had trusted their images to his memory. He has also forgotten those places  trusted to be static and not revolving around stationary constucted worlds. How many imaginary worlds spin around an imaginary sun? He has always been an alien not wishing to intrude but longing to belong. Is acceptance another loss within a simple victory?

Presently, he does not enjoy the stares of strangers or laughter when not with him but about him. He has often been too frightened by an overwhelming jumble of sensual adjustments. He has always been a waif, alone and among many and wanting to go home.  Among us, he is a familiar spirit, a mirror we stare into and recognize when the moons have disappeared into the light of an ancient dawn.

God or Gods…

Gen 1:26 “And God said, “Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness: Us and Our and Our again! Well WOW then! And! How many are us and our?

So, “them are us” and we are both man and woman. Us and Our are Gods. They created both man and woman? Did man and woman create God or Gods? Well WOW  then!  And!

Check: http://www.bbc.co.uk/torchwood/

God-Creators and Life

In our beginning, our Creators (Mother and Father Lords), Terra-formed or created the Earth and the Heavens. (And perhaps a few more earth-like  formations). We are life and we are created in the creators’ images. We are both pretty and ugly…

Creation is both, beautiful and ugly.

With a great deal of speculation our Modern and Greedy Churches, Temples, Pyramids and whatever are responsible for the terror and death across the laborious and ugly part of creation. Do we still copy wars that were once alive and well during the clashes of Heaven and Earth, Mars and wherever these terrors were developed and utilized? WOW and woe to our kind!

Did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene?  Does these historical events matter or are matter or what-is-the matter with Formal Religion? Stealing that dollar in the name of …?

Truth, no fear, no poverty and Peace and Love and Understanding is the beauty of Creation. Where!  Must have been the creation of another place or another planet. Certainly! The joys of Peace have never existed on Earth. And! Do we worship the Gods of Abraham? Are not Gods the Mother and Father of all Creation? Try and outlive reality through hope and fear and a whatever in a damned and whatever place.

Women were not dragged from Adam’s rib. Man and Woman share a dab of DNA; however, the Mother of Creation “brought forth” the continuation of earth-bound people. Mankind is a simple spark and with that spark, womankind creates the children of another generation, of life and of death, ad infinitum. Suprise!  Children are eternal life.

The ugly side of earth-bound continuation we fear, as any living thing fears, both life and the end of life. Also, remember that Religion Kills…