Aqui Si Hubo Genocidio…

87‘And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones who start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart
The blacksmith and the artist
Reflect it in their art
They forge their creativity
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart

Philosophers and ploughmen
Each must know his part
To sow a new mentality
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart
You can be the captain
I will draw the chart
Sailing into destiny
Closer to the heart’… “Closer To The Heart” by Rush

Imagine…A World once existed where women-folk-could-walk-planet-wide in day/night safety and men did not know a word called ‘War’…Where love was love and force never existed…Wherever—Whatever—Was never called heaven or hell…A place where life belonged and life was good everyday…We create worlds—we maintain worlds and we do love our Children don’t we?—The Government of Death is never required…

Swirling whirls of smoky fires to cook and fog mist touches life from mountain high to valleys of twirling-spirits and folks-of-flesh spreading across a triangle called Ixil. In a year of Blood- Past—1982—the Mayans of Guatemala were brutalized-raped-tortured and murdered—tens of thousands died…The chopping blades of Bell and gunfire and screams and blood-red-white—All—covers and color and shapes and detail and truth—disappear…Twisted court and procedure- speak-twist-truth-to-function-to-injustice…(“…avala una ilegalidad que lacera no solo los intereses de esta representacion sino al sistema de justicia guatemalteco” … “el sistema deja de perseguir la justicia centrandose unicamente en la materia procesal.”)… supports an unlawful lacerating not only the interests of the representation but the Guatemalan justice system “…” the system stops pursue justice focusing only on procedural matters…

A Guatemalan dictator—Efrain Rios Montt committed the murder of these freedom seeking folk…The United States of American aided and abetted and ‘blessed’ this genocidal rampage against these folks…Ronald Reagan expressed twisted assurance that Efrain Rios Montt was a Christian man of ‘great personal integrity’ and committed to improving the life of all Guatemalans…And! Furthermore—his administration would continue to support Efrain Rios’s progressive efforts—to commit genocide! Was Guatemala a Latin American beachhead for the USSR? Or was this ‘a concern for the interests of U.S. investors and fear that a democratic experiment empowering the harshly repressed peasant majority “might be a virus” that would “spread contagion,” in Henry Kissingers’ thoughtful phrase, referring to Salvador Allende’s Democratic Socialist Chile.’ WTF!

Genocide in Guatemala—Africa—Iran—Iraq—Palestine—Argentina—Ecuador—Honduras—and many other places across our sweet Earth is the absolute purpose of America’s war-machine and its Multinational War-Economy…NSA—and any American’s National Security Team(s) or administration—either Right or Left is a genocidal contraption—created to confound peace in the name of protecting Life-Liberty and other such Constitutional nonsense…Rich and White and the entire world is your-very-own-coaster—donchathink?

Dancing circles of…Maybe Life or love’s memory and the almost real of a now to then and back again—Creator speaks and upon canvas—lines and circles dance and dash as songs play and laughter reaches to diners’ corner and open doors call to inside secrets of ink motions and canvas wet with colors and the scent of orange and green and brown and yellow and perfume inside a night of air and dare and wear and fare or the future of moments again without the layers of walls climbed and discarded…Loving the love of—gathering together strength—of one or two or many more than them or us or we—be strength of Love—no rules to follow—no moral folly or man rules called Godspeak…when those ‘world words’ are the songs of death—control—fiction—suffering and the lies against Spirit—Speak and Life. Women Love…Men Love…Love is Perfection—is Touch—is Peace—is Spirit—Song and…No rules or explanations or ever-speak required.

And! Beautiful you are…

“Closer To The Heart” by Rush

Again—Off To War We…

21Are the unemployed—lazy? No!  Why does a connected person make this vacuous claim? Entertaining if you are well-off; however, too many of these folks forget that they are lucky-liars. Presently, sixty-nine percent of America agrees that Washington (as in the government) see everyone wishing to become employed become employed (able to find a job)…How about finding a job that supports a small family—living wages for the wage-equals keeping them in poverty and as under-educated as is possible?

It is pathetic these people of money still believe  ‘free market’ will provide jobs. Remember; corporations are legally not people and are ‘hiding’ trillions of dollars and paying wage-slaves as little as possible to still be able to sell their wares to the slaves of low-wages and lowering hope. Does a ‘law-of-diminishing-returns’ ultimately follow? Yes! When the base of a tree shatters—down falls the tree—even the green of tree’s leaves. Natural is the shattering and natural is the Revolution…

Is the economic world ‘flat’? Or is just the top of this mountain squared off and pitched upward…Ledges are hard to climb over and greased governments angle away from the Working People of America.

If the world’s people have equal chances to succeed than why are so few being called powerful and wealthy? Rulers look the same…They all lie-steal-cheat and owe those placing them in positions of power…Call them presidents, senators, congressmen, dictators, kings and other names religious or blah-blah-blah.

All the same people and all the same twisted words-news-entertainment-and reasons to be so placed and into what they pretend to commit. Let us sing a number or two! Between five – twenty percent of Americans are successful. Of all wealth in the USA (non-home-owned wealth) these chosen few account for around ninety-two percent of all this wealth…The mountain-top is flat and the valley is lower than that road-rut to a summit?

Is it true that America is nearing the bottom of that pile of upwardly-economical and mobile? Of course and the separation between need and have is a million-mile chunk of empty space. Every minute it becomes harder to cross and from the Castle-mounted hard to see! Greed does not reach across humanity; it destroys nations-peoples-hopes-dreams and ultimately government…Can you hear a Revolution coming?

If you are a successful member of the favored society and claim to be self-made then remember; your sweet mother spun you into existence-carried-you-to-term and hurt as you clawed you self-made presence from her womb. You are also a white male-type-educated and fortunate to be born into the wealthiest nation on earth at a time when production was ‘grand.’ ‘Summertime-And the livin’ is easy -Fish are jumpin’ -And the cotton is high -Your daddy’s rich-And your mamma’s good lookin’…by George Gershwin

You were able to climb aboard a fast moving and powerful engine of industry and technology.   Federal funding was available everywhere and a few wars kept the machine jimmy-jamming…LFSGD! Through research everything grew and unbridled wealth was enjoyed by a few—And! The lies of the American Dream were still—oops, can you hear a Revolution coming?

Did US president number four actually fear the Industrial War Machine?

“Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds are added to those of subduing the force of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes and the opportunities of fraud growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals engendered by both…No nation could reserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. Those truths are well established. They are read in every page which records the progression from a less arbitrary to a more arbitrary government, or the transition from a popular government to an aristocracy or a monarchy.”—James Madison, “Political Observations,” April 20, 1795

James Madison was an aristocrat and slave owner. Wondering if founding fathers did spin tales from double tongues and savage intentions…

Presently; we still love parades and pageantry and tales about the rich and famous. Why? Maybe we will someday become ‘almost famous’ or almost rich or just almost…Mile wide emptiness and growing. Those few chosen will soon not see us or hear our cries.

Will they still expect our deaths for causes and foundations and reasons and rhythms we ultimately will not understand? The hungry and the sick and the tired sometimes raise to revolution and another chance for real freedom, not songs and bells and another war for no reasons but ‘maybe…’

Pick another foe—why not another nation of people on this precious world we call Earth…Why not the good people of? They are children and mothers and fathers and grand-folks? They are living members of this World? They do have the right of self-determination?

America is the only nation on this sweet world to ‘nuke’ two living cities into rubble. Must have made a statement or two and when time becomes hard-times nothing better than another war to keep us regular folk; fearful-busy-sad-productive and confused. Governing through fear is better than a Revolution-eh?

And! Beautiful you are…

Capitalism is not Freedom…

111The word Capitalism is not another word for Freedom. And today! Democracy is an American prevarication. The Industries in the USA: Manufacturing, Services, Energy, Banks, Insurance, Agribusiness, Transportation, Media, and Medical facilities are controlled and privately owned and operated for the purpose of generating wealth for their Owners. This wealth is extracted from the Working people. These Workers are paid only a small fraction of what their labor produces…

Yes! This must be eliminated for world survival. Socialism is a solution. It does turn society around. The class producing wealth does collectively decide how it will be used for the benefit of all.

Imagine the strength of Worldwide Socialism. Global resources shared.  Capitalism defeated and removed. Its curse and scourge against the future and our children’s welfare—worldwide—ended. Presently, all things economic are global. Socialism prioritizes human needs. So! Is Socialism—Democracy? Socialism is both an economical and a political Democracy.

America boasts of its Democratic institutions. Because of Capitalism and power imbalances; these institutions are illusions. All political power is in the hands of those holding the wealth. America’s wealth and power is the profit motive of war, ecological destruction, and inequalities based on Gender, Race, Nationality and Sexuality. It is the Greed of Destruction!

The collapse of a Capitalist System is created through the results of its own contradictions? Democracy begins when the lies of Capitalism cease. Remember: Theories are only images of a phenomenon in the exterior world and dwelling in the consciousness of Humanity. Theory is practiced and maybe continued as an eternal lie.

And! Beautiful you are…


Flawed Democracy Times Three…

librabluetoliteToday…Government must be… ‘The Way of  Humane Authority.’

Therefore…Democracy is a flawed ideal. Why? It is based upon the sovereignty of the people. It is government granting power to democratically elected representatives. It is a government of more than one source of legitimacy…Presently! The multiplicity of our Senate and Congress cancels one another. Add a horror show: Of Democrats-Republicans-Tea Bangers…Oh my!

Practicing…Democracy creates problems. The interests and desires of the electorate are political choices. Moral issues develop: the majority may wish for; racism-imperialism-colonialism-fascism or… Short-term interests and solutions override the long-term interests of all mankind. Greed and Waste and War.

War… ‘What it is good for?’ It ends life too quickly. Innocence dies! History is a rewrite! The graciousness’ of living—gone! Young men and women fight and die…Hearts-do-break! We love our children! Religion not needed! Christ–What a Blur-Job…Once Truth existed? When and Where and How?

Money’s…Interests are political interests and are the priority of the Incumbent.  America (with democratically invested state governments) is unable to develop and sustain independent energy sources and our internal resources. Curbing energy usage? Without responsible (Humane Authority), the incumbent government of the moneyed electorate destroys the future choices of future generations…WOW!

Humane Authority…Examines political legitimacy. It is not ‘the peoples’ thoughts regarding their leaders. It is the true examination of a Ruler/President/Prime Minister/Governor/Mayor/Judge/Congressional/Senatorial and whatever. Let us; determine if he or she has the right to be a ruler (elected or not).

Criteria…Legitimacy through knowledge of the Earth, the Heavens and the People…Easy!

America…Practices a government called Democratic Capitalism. It is a combination of all things Social-Economical-Political. When successful, this ideology is a tripartite of democratic polity; Free markets, Fiscal responsibility and Balance.

The Economic Engine…Is supported by the capitalist-free-market-economy. Jobs are many and all people have employment. The people of a Capitalist Democracy become ‘through hard work’ a prosperous people…’We, the People in order to form!’

Truth…Capitalism is an impossible taskmaster. The Greed of Destruction is the method of governance. So! Short is the time of a Capitalist Democracy. Quickly; this is changed into Authoritarian Capitalism. Government is a tripartite of: Special Interest Groups, Corporate Lobbyists and Money…Koch (Coke) Brothers, etc.

We are…The grip of terror. This is the time of blurred vision and lies. This is the time of pathetic sound-bites and pathetic News-Shows in four-part harmony. And! Blah-Blah-Blah…

Revolution…Is the reality. Truth! Socialism is a movement forward. The Union of Laborers and Professionals…Easy?

And! Beautiful you are…

‘Among the Stars there is a Place where my Heart Always Returns.’  by Unsun…




Tilting Economic Failure…

Capitalism and the Circle of three: Empowering Innovation—Sustaining Innovation—Efficiency Innovation…

1…The growth and strength of Empowering Innovations are the motive of job creation, growth, performance and sustainability. Once giant mainframes roamed the Earth—they were few and huge and expensive. Only the one percentage group of ‘extremes’ managed to afford, develop and utilized these giants. Through! Warrior nations and huge corporations…New jobs were afforded the newts of ideas, manufacturing and technology. The new became subjects of an Empowering Innovation and from their twisting and turnings of conception’s chances and folly, babies were born…Then she held a universe in her sweet hands and shared its bounties with the world. An Economic engine that ‘could and did and does…’

2…The growth and strength of Sustaining Innovation is a motive of  less job creation. The next generation spins Empowering Innovation into better products—methods and control. The color of blood is still red, however once a single drop is now many smaller drops. Concentrated liquid may carry improved oxygen to multiple organs. Comes the middle of means and advancement and less…And! Let the divisions begin. High levels of innovation and the economy vibrates and at these stages money adds to the reserves of the ‘one percentage group of extremes.’ May we begin to utter these words: ‘Greed of Destruction?’

3…The growth and strength of Efficiency Innovation is a motive producing almost no employment. This is the time of out-of-control division. The trickle down people? The ‘one percent extremes’ still control almost everything; however, they are buffered from ‘trickle-downs’ by a middling-piddling pack of hopefuls and non-producers. In history, they were called mid-managers and speculators…In history, many speculators were jailed and—oh no!

Today, the US of A is cash rich and job desperate. Money spins into money and wealth is controlled by a few while the ‘trickle-down folk’ once; Wage-slaves now have become just Slaves…Join now the slippery world of Return on Net Assets—Return on Capital Employed—Internal Rate of Return…Could IRR be a closet acronym for the me, me, me of greed-greed-greed? If just a few of us folk control most of the wealth, let us pass it back and forth just among us! Must always be a small circle. Sounds like speculation!

The power of our planet is an Employed Workforce. Through innovation’s wiggles and giggles, globe spins. Employment and Fair wages—WOW! However, we are also aware of the economic power of Circle Capitalism. Sounds like Speculation and is the world of the Speculator another world-of-war.  This may be the time for a Revolution of Innovation. Don-cha-think?

And! Beautiful you are…

La Serrata…

Under attack here…Economy, Unions, Education-(Koch’ coke’ Brothers) and the further destruction of our precious middle-class and the way of life enjoyed here in this place for a few years…Without wars and its profits we diminish into a hungry-crowded-mass, shivering in the doorways of a thousand snow covered cities or towns or villages or neighborhoods. Without jobs that pay what… for which or what hope or my future or yours or our hopes as a people or a nation or a World. Let us keep this separated and scattered and confused except for us—the greatest people on Earth…Oh no! We did say the Elitists?

It is not the Muslim or the Christian we fear. It is not the people or the immigrants or the outside nationalities. It is the changing of life and a saturation of places and people to blame. Newsy! Everyday explanations in a million words and verses of the virtual excitement of the blame-of-game and oops—we have another one. Call it a lost debate…Call it a loss of future. Call it hunger and thirst. She is beautiful. He is handsome. She is rich. He is famous…And! Who gives a.…?

Venice was once a powerful city of commerce and opportunity and education and craftsmanship and medicine and science…Gone and almost forgotten. Now! In this country, the one percent are building the latest and greatest castles. By adding motes and security they gain separation. Keep others away from our wealth and destroy anyone from a brush-at-arms-length and we remain the most powerful and richest country  on the planet. Which Planet? Does anyone really know? Must the hungry folk care? And! We call it news when one pretender does unto someone other than wife or husband or cat or dog or..? Who cares!

The truth in entertainment is not entertaining. Anything entertaining is notably bereft of truth. If we require truth—we must be living and dying every day? No fun and no hope and nothing except a show called… 10:00 PM.

Note: However, someplace hidden well inside the comedy of life is a smattering of truth. Oh! Just here or there or once-in-a-while. Search and you may find and do not let the rhythm of the night cause you to dance by yourself.

We! Are the watchers of the single percent of wealth? We are a twin political country. Our duo political entities have practiced the sport of La Serrata since the two became either vote for me or vote for them or lose” called freedom in America. Freedom of what-who-where-why and how?

The one percent has destroyed opportunities of commerce for new or incoming entities…The common-world already wage-slaves a life away to furnish the finest for the fewest.

Many names are used to describe the elite of this planet. Sadly, they are so involved in self-interest that La Serrata will be their final conclusion. Come out from the doorways and the rain and the snow…Closure always fails! American strength developed because America was an opened place. Through closure, America has already failed us!  Is it not entertaining to be locked outside in the cold?

And! Beautiful you are…

Of Moral Depravity…

The Christian Right—of the USA is gathering for their Hate Spew in Philadelphia 2012’s ‘Bang-a-Gong for Judgment Day’ festival of  ‘My God is Bigger than Your God’ and Let’s Dance Orgy in 4-part harmony…Could this be the ‘Born Again’ America’s Taliban—‘Rises Up’ party again and again and again? Oops…Looks like a set-of-three.  Something Biblical cometh this Way…

Moral Depravity— Let us gather together and chant! Education and wisdom –cannot save us from depravity…So! Let us keep them illiterate and stupid. Come-on Slaves of the World— Send money– Be fruitful and multiply— Kill the unbelievers—Send money— Believe in us and Send money, money and money…Oh No! Not another set of three.  Something Biblical cometh this Way…

Moral Depravity’s Second Coming—It is upon us. Everything from: Financial ruin-to Recession-to-Terrorism-to last year’s Arkansas Bird Kill-to-President Obama-to-Thoughts-thoughts-thoughts…Oops three-set again.  Something Biblical cometh this Way…

Oh God! What we need is another ‘The Response’ by Ricky ‘the tricky’ Perry.

And for followers: Our Quest Squeakers include—Pat ‘the tat’ Robertson, Tony ‘jerkin’ Perkins, Cindy ‘windy prophet with a direct line to god’ Jacobs, Anne ‘fanny- bishop of what’ Gimenez, Joel ‘the mole’ Osteen, Davey ‘wavy’ Barton and maybe an ancient ‘waiting for Dec. 21st’ Mayan Prophet or that famous 18th century Preacher George Whitefield.   Miracles here and there and everywhere…eh?

Let us Pray—Please keep them Illiterate and Stupid and Poor…Oh No! Not another set? Something Biblical cometh this Way…

And! Beautiful you are…

Ending the Lies of Unemployment

Early in our developmental years and through the lies of the ‘work ethic’ doctrine, we are brainwashed into believing in the happiness of wage slavery. We are shaped by our parents, also wage slaves and throughout the processes of formal education from kindergarten through college. We expect to work and to realize success…Now into the darkness!

From a column by: William Deresiewicz author (A Jane Austen Education)…“A recent study found that 10% of those working on Wall Street are ‘clinical psychopaths.’ These folk are incapable of interest or empathy toward other folks. They have and practice an unparalleled capacity for lying, fabrication and manipulation.”

Then does this follow? The rich (1%) of the world’s favored few lie, cheat and break the law on a continuous basis?

Wall Street is pure and raw Capitalism. It is an Evil place and the destructive union of psychopaths and control. The remaining (99%) of our world suffer…Pure Capitalism is a lie that we readily accept from birth-to-death. We are instructed to work for next-to-nothing and we commit our precious selves to wage slavery and claims that we are ‘blessed.’

Good capitalists are frauds and cheats. They promise the masses luxury and throw bits of this to a few through accounting fraud, tax evasion, toxic dumping, product safety violations, bid rigging, over-billing and perjury. A few companies caught: Enron, BP, Goldman, JP Morgan, Philip Morris, GE, Merck, Walmart and News Corp. We will succeed by screwing our workers, hurting our customers and destroying the land.

If corporations are people: These people are psychopaths: indifferent to others, incapable of guilt and completely devoted to their own interests.

Are there any ethical corporations and ethical business people? Maybe a few, however, in capitalism ethics are optional. Capitalist values are the opposite of Social survival. Churches, while a small step toward Socialism, are still proponents of an unregulated free market—me, me, me is substituted by the words Your Church. All Churches sell blue sky and are very successful businesses managed by psychopathic leaders and continued by a congregation of blind followers controlled since birth.

Capitalist values are the opposite of democratic values. The principles of a republican government asks us to consider the interests of others, however Capitalism is the single-minded pursuit of profit and every man for himself.

Very Important: Workers are the Creators of Wealth…Workers use labor to create wealth for entrepreneurs—the excess productivity, over and above wages and those ‘compensations’ continues as corporate profit…

Note: Most rich people are not entrepreneurs. They are executives of established corporations, institutional managers of other types, very wealthy doctors and lawyers, successful entertainers and athletes, people  inheriting wealth and people working on Wall Street…Hitler’s notion to imprisoned all speculators may have been a correct notion?

From Kurt Vonnegut in (‘Slaughterhouse-Five’)…

‘The poor mock themselves and glorify their betters. Our most destructive lie is that is very easy for Americans to make money. Continued lie…The poor are lazy, stupid and evil. The rich are brilliant, courageous and good. They shower their beneficence upon the rest of us.’

(Remember…The rich are psychopaths…Our schools, our businesses and our governments are managed by these psychopaths)! We must stop lying to ourselves and our children. In our present chapter of Life on Earth greed has beaten us. The new mantra is austerity. This is another word for doing more for less.

Capitalism is our destruction. Socialism is our only savior.

And! Beautiful you are…

Coming Soon: PMESpeak Radio Networks


America! And a Fall from Grace…

Like Rome Before the Fall? And Why? Not Yet? Please combine both truth and fiction while tracing the rise and the fall of America. Divide and Conquer?

Why? Are we fighting a war with Iraq – we as a country of warriors and our allies have gained and will not gain anything except another nail in a communal coffin. No! Oil wealth and a growing list of worthless enemies? Is this country of Hell worth a single soldier’s life?

Why? Are we fighting a war in Afghanistan – we as a country of warriors and our allies have gained and will not gain anything except another nail in our communal coffin. Is a pipeline across this country of Hell worth a single soldier’s life?

Why must? America learn peace and to: ”Know when to hold them – Know when to fold them – Know when to walk away – Know when to run!”

And! America must enter a war  to: Invade, Destroy, Pillage and Plunder…Our military must never become Peace Police…Divided and Destroyed?

As England was losing its power and wealth, Rudyard Kipling wrote this:

“Far-called, our navies melt away,On dunes and headlands sinks the fire; Lo, All our pomp of yesterday Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!”

 May Respect and Understanding and Love and Peace be with…we doubt this more everyday.

Anyway! Who Cares?

Liars or Misspoken Liars…

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal: A Liar of Misspoken Lies… Say Richard Blumenthal, say, misspeak, or just say it ain’t a lie because you are the Connecticut Attorney General… A General-a General-a General is a General.

Slate Mag…
By Christopher Beam (Missed Saigon)
Posted Tuesday, May 18, 2010, at 5:30 PM ET
[Richard convened a press conference Tuesday in Hartford. Blumenthal rebutted charges in a front-page New York Times article that he lied about his war record.” “On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service, and for that I take full responsibility,” he said, flanked on both sides by Marines Corps veterans who injected periodic Oorahs and Semper Fi’s.] “But I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service to our country.”

[Between 1965 and 1970, Blumenthal received at least five deferments and then served six years in the Marine Corps Reserve. Never participated in any combat during the War…] Why are you not proud of being a Marine?

Many of us, serving in the Armed Forces of America and never stopped by or fought in Vietnam, leave out the word or words; ”I served during the Vietnam War.” Why? We respect our fighting warriors, living and dying in the Vietnam War in 4-part harmony!

Does Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal = another pathetic lying ass-hhh of an American Politician?

WOW! Who knows? With enough words, stated, misspoken, or lied, truth sometimes just goes away…”Out Damned Spot – Out I say.”