Blue Planet Waste…

4“Heart Is A Drum”

‘Free as a driving wheel
Circling around your iron will
See only what you feel
Keeps you turning when you’re standing still
You tried to run from trouble when it comes
You followed the drum keeping time with everyone

High as the light of day
You’re falling down across your lost highway
Pain – does it hurt this way?
To come so far to find they’ve closed the gates?
You’ve lost your tongue when you fall from the pendulum
Your heart is a drum keeping time with everyone

Everyone, if they drown from the undertow
Need to find someone to show me how to play it slow
And just let it go

Your eyes get stung by the rays of the sinking sun
You follow the drum keeping time with everyone
Going beat beat, it’s beating me down
Beat beat beat beat, it’s beating me down
Day after day, it’s turning around
‘Til all my days are drowning out’…written by Beck Hansen

“In the current phase of intellectual corruption, it must be stressed that, like democracy and human rights, the economic doctrines preached by the rulers are instruments of power, intended for others, so that they can be more efficiently robbed and exploited. No wealthy society accepts these conditions for itself, unless they happen to confer temporary advantage; and their history reveals that sharp departure from these doctrines was a large factor in development.”—Noam Chomsky

Is the Anti –globalization—Counter globalization movements—actually the Global Justice Movement—diametrically opposed to Neoliberal Globalization and Corporate Globalization? And! These multi-national corporations—do seek maximum profit through the victimization of wage slaves—by the minimization—of safety standards and conditions—labor hiring and compensation standards—environmental conservation principles—national legislative authority—independence and sovereignty…’Turbo-capitalism’ be real—here and there and everywhere…Please remember these names: George Soros—Susan Strange—Edward Luttwak and Benjamin Barber…

Capitalism’s capacity for wealth—brings with it—wars, crises, unemployment, pollution, poverty and extreme inequalities—a moral and practical failure And! To be a capitalist—strictly speaking—you must own enough income-producing assets—so you can live comfortably without having to work. Image—‘not working’—why?

Steve Biko, the South African activist who was murdered by the apartheid regime while he was in custody—once said, “The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

State Department documents—show that in October 5th, 1976—Secretary of State—Henry Kissinger and other ‘high-ranking’ US officials gave their full support to the Argentine military junta and urged them to hurry up and finish their actions before the US Congress cut military aid. Kissinger during a meeting with Argentina’s Foreign Minister said—“Look, our basic attitude is that we would like you to succeed. I have an old-fashioned view that friends ought to be supported. What is not understood in the United States is that you have a civil war. We read about human rights problems but not the context. The quicker you succeed the better… The human rights problem is a growing one. Your Ambassador can apprise you. We want a stable situation. We won’t cause you unnecessary difficulties. If you can finish before Congress gets back, the better. Whatever freedoms you could restore would help.” Wowzer!

Sky crust—blocks pearl light—as an evening of workers—failed strengths—home bound—as ‘Nighters’ replace the ‘Eveners’ and continue—work begins—ends and starts along the edges of digital clicks and analog clacks. Time cataloged into spreads of pages—indexed—assorted stuff—straightened—arranged—packed for space-spin—or unpacked to—go consumers—consumed with curiosity—hunger—required—needs or fulfilled desires. Oppression—succeeds when its legitimacy is internalized. The freedom to write it right—write—writing—toward left of sails unfurled and imagined as sea endless might and distance ‘tween stars—‘tween galaxy—‘tween the universal folds of space. There be books here and listen to these stories from spirit-speaks—of volumes long and voltage sweet. We—change everything with Blue Planet Waste?

‘The most heroic word in all languages is Revolution’-–Eugene Debbs

And! Beautiful you are…

‘Heart is a Drum’…By Beck Hansen

Again—Off To War We…

21Are the unemployed—lazy? No!  Why does a connected person make this vacuous claim? Entertaining if you are well-off; however, too many of these folks forget that they are lucky-liars. Presently, sixty-nine percent of America agrees that Washington (as in the government) see everyone wishing to become employed become employed (able to find a job)…How about finding a job that supports a small family—living wages for the wage-equals keeping them in poverty and as under-educated as is possible?

It is pathetic these people of money still believe  ‘free market’ will provide jobs. Remember; corporations are legally not people and are ‘hiding’ trillions of dollars and paying wage-slaves as little as possible to still be able to sell their wares to the slaves of low-wages and lowering hope. Does a ‘law-of-diminishing-returns’ ultimately follow? Yes! When the base of a tree shatters—down falls the tree—even the green of tree’s leaves. Natural is the shattering and natural is the Revolution…

Is the economic world ‘flat’? Or is just the top of this mountain squared off and pitched upward…Ledges are hard to climb over and greased governments angle away from the Working People of America.

If the world’s people have equal chances to succeed than why are so few being called powerful and wealthy? Rulers look the same…They all lie-steal-cheat and owe those placing them in positions of power…Call them presidents, senators, congressmen, dictators, kings and other names religious or blah-blah-blah.

All the same people and all the same twisted words-news-entertainment-and reasons to be so placed and into what they pretend to commit. Let us sing a number or two! Between five – twenty percent of Americans are successful. Of all wealth in the USA (non-home-owned wealth) these chosen few account for around ninety-two percent of all this wealth…The mountain-top is flat and the valley is lower than that road-rut to a summit?

Is it true that America is nearing the bottom of that pile of upwardly-economical and mobile? Of course and the separation between need and have is a million-mile chunk of empty space. Every minute it becomes harder to cross and from the Castle-mounted hard to see! Greed does not reach across humanity; it destroys nations-peoples-hopes-dreams and ultimately government…Can you hear a Revolution coming?

If you are a successful member of the favored society and claim to be self-made then remember; your sweet mother spun you into existence-carried-you-to-term and hurt as you clawed you self-made presence from her womb. You are also a white male-type-educated and fortunate to be born into the wealthiest nation on earth at a time when production was ‘grand.’ ‘Summertime-And the livin’ is easy -Fish are jumpin’ -And the cotton is high -Your daddy’s rich-And your mamma’s good lookin’…by George Gershwin

You were able to climb aboard a fast moving and powerful engine of industry and technology.   Federal funding was available everywhere and a few wars kept the machine jimmy-jamming…LFSGD! Through research everything grew and unbridled wealth was enjoyed by a few—And! The lies of the American Dream were still—oops, can you hear a Revolution coming?

Did US president number four actually fear the Industrial War Machine?

“Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds are added to those of subduing the force of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes and the opportunities of fraud growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals engendered by both…No nation could reserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. Those truths are well established. They are read in every page which records the progression from a less arbitrary to a more arbitrary government, or the transition from a popular government to an aristocracy or a monarchy.”—James Madison, “Political Observations,” April 20, 1795

James Madison was an aristocrat and slave owner. Wondering if founding fathers did spin tales from double tongues and savage intentions…

Presently; we still love parades and pageantry and tales about the rich and famous. Why? Maybe we will someday become ‘almost famous’ or almost rich or just almost…Mile wide emptiness and growing. Those few chosen will soon not see us or hear our cries.

Will they still expect our deaths for causes and foundations and reasons and rhythms we ultimately will not understand? The hungry and the sick and the tired sometimes raise to revolution and another chance for real freedom, not songs and bells and another war for no reasons but ‘maybe…’

Pick another foe—why not another nation of people on this precious world we call Earth…Why not the good people of? They are children and mothers and fathers and grand-folks? They are living members of this World? They do have the right of self-determination?

America is the only nation on this sweet world to ‘nuke’ two living cities into rubble. Must have made a statement or two and when time becomes hard-times nothing better than another war to keep us regular folk; fearful-busy-sad-productive and confused. Governing through fear is better than a Revolution-eh?

And! Beautiful you are…

Our Pathetic Government…

1…Infantile America has finally completed the commercial of a Forward-Backward dance called a Presidential Election…No wait! It’s a movie—no a comedy—no a drama—no-no-no. Step-right-up and bring us the truth! Winners are losers and losers are winners and the real winner is greed and the losers are ‘we’ the world. Wait again—this is not a Game…This is about People; their immediate lives and the lives of their Children—both; here and around our World.

2…Is the Earth on the edge of a Fiscal and Environmental cliff? Talk about it? No fix it! That is why we elected you… The Middle East—without the whores and pimps of religion and did I mention Greed or colonialism-gone-wild; please understand truthfully the problems of these precious people and places on earth. Fix it! That is why we elected you. During the revolutionary war of America, were the continental fighters against England; patriots or insurgents? A revolution for freedom or a terrorist action against? History is written by the winners of war. Yesterday people died—today people died and tomorrow people will die…People destroying Life does not follow—don-cha-think!

3…Extra-Extra…Read-All-About-IT…Poster boy boink girl—Wow…Do we care about the sexual exploits of anyone? It does not matter! We all do it—much the same way and without a touch of truth and love it is actually worthless—blah-blah-blah. Define worth it; David and the Babe and some splendor-in-the-grass…Not worth a splatter of lie-news or bullshi…The November 7th (2012) Times Mag…listed buttons, clothing, gaffe-o-meter results, and Election garbage and waste and trash—oh my!

4…The NYT cannot or will not stop writing pre/post election drivel…Would rather study the Obituary columns…at least these beloved and departed folk did something worth re-telling. How about the true and un-biased results of history…History is news…Obituaries must be true…Families pay for Obits. Advertisers pay for News.

Now! The Fiscal cliff faces us in about—how many more minutes? Together we win—divided we…Only history/news will tell us how it goes? Congress and the Senate must come together—immediately-don-cha-think? Thankfully, we are not a mass of barn-yard creatures about to plunge over this cliff behind a government of pathetic and elected creatures of who—what—why—when—and how much! Oh wait! Just sit back and read/watch all about It.

We as the people; are not interested in epic battles amongst right-wing-left-wing soldiers of…and nasty history by reporters and radio babblers! And! Is the American Tea Party—America’s Taliban? If one percent of America has everything—then give it back to us and avoid having it removed and redistributed—Oh no! Are we demanding results and solutions?

Job shortages; we own an infrastructure that is devolving into trash…Evolution-not-religion is the forward movement of Society. Government bills of forward motion and improvement are jammed between legislative bodies of stupidity and speculation. Come-on- Now!

Foreign policies destroy People…Do not add misery to the People of Iran because their government is as corrupted as our own government. These folks do believe in Peace—Love and Understanding…They also love their children as much as we love our children. The people of Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Libya and many other countries, are violently dying from a ‘pathetic government action’ or because of________fill this in. You! Leaders fix this Now…

They are the children of this Universe and we have no choice but to be here—right now. So! This evening, switch on your tube, flip open your day-light or rustle your print substrate…Watch/read the show—the drama and the comedy and the truth and the lies…Do remember—your entertainment is history—including our pathetic government.

And! Beautiful you are…


Peace Harbor and War…

Once there was a Great Lake called Michigan and a harbor placed north of Milwaukee. While walking across a series of bridges, flocks of birds perch or take wing either nervous or called south by late summer’s notions of warmth. On beach-side rocks are scattered both large and small across sand and into the water. Lake calm—neither a ripple nor waves. Remember! Brain-cry to cross this lake and pass thru the Saint Lawrence Seaway then onto the North Atlantic and to sail away and to go home…

We walked these piers dressed as Naval Officers and as civilians and as warriors. We walked along the water-fronts in both Annapolis and in London. We stood on the bows of ships-of-sails and of merchant steamers and on the wooden decks of sinking ships damaged from fire-fight with broken masts and crater sized openings in both hull and deck. We survived and we physically drowned from war. We neither required air to breath nor understood fear beneath one hundred feet of water.

We listened while both fiddler and accordion played harmony on Bourbon Street without those cars and those trucks and those noises—too loud and too distracting. Cajun violins and songs of both happiness and of sorrow still dance and wail through the night and through these dreams.

We rounded the Horn of Africa and we watched those light-housed flashes bounce off Cape Hatteras. We traded cannon fire and death along the European Coastline and onto seas and ports protected by forts and friends and foes. We sailed from the great northern oceans as adventurers and ports away called us to find something unusual or new.

We gained shores with strong forces and off-loaded horses and infantry of sailors and marines of combat strength from five hundred ships. We marched and rode toward those carefully engineered and magnificent castles. There, became a leader of warriors and a master of nothing except  war and impending death. Time warps and the fires of arrows as skies darken with too many shafts and feathers and blood. The launch of spears and  skill opens great wounds and both men and horses combat one another and death. Life does stop and start without the knowledge of living or the hope of peace. This finality continues with ruin and the slap of spear to flesh and a fall from beast to sand and the continuation of living inside and outside the body. We gain the freedom of watching battle unattached and the non-fear of living and of dying. The fall ends and life stop/starts and freedoms continue through the strength of billions and the songs of battle and of the harmony of peace.

Still the fiddlers play on into the night and the drums cause those millions to dance and swirl and twirl and mock death until it all begins again and ends and begins and ends and begins…ad infinitum. Simple choice? Not to fall in Battle—but to fall in Love?

And! Beautiful you are…


The Unity of Destruction…

Machines must not replace working men. The outsourcing of jobs must not replace jobs for the workers of an entire country. If so, Capitalism is the responsible master of an irresponsible loss or gain of financial power.

However, machines cannot destroy concepts. Machines often starve children and add to the tiny graves of fallen infants, both hungry and hopeless in the productive cycle of any nation. Machines are being spewed from the technical womb so quickly that they may also starve. Presently, no one can afford this endless inventory.

Mankind is also inclined to replicate and die at a rate slower than they birth. Never an empty womb. Never an empty warehouse. And Mother Tax Collector come-on and up the ante. We pay and will play and will multiply while churches advise to be “fruitful” and…

So, please come to the bridge and hide inside caves created by time, steel, bricks and air. Tease the morning with swaying body stayed only by indecision and a relaxing fear of height and rushing water.

Jump or don’t jump for there are many  replacements…Become airborne and never strike the ground? And!  We were born to wasted.  Never Enough” by Epica

If Care was a Raindrop…

 If used again: Short trance-time. Note: ‘S’ Quest

This morning, I saw an accidental visitor settle into a chair. The battle of ignorance was well on its way. Money – Mine – you help and is a truth carrier to one of this sick family a miracle or an (accident)?  Sick presently. Earth Ends—then Who cares?

He was dressed as I was dressed. A  causal pair of jeans and a white pull-on shirt tucked in. I do the same tuck. But, then who cares?

 We listened to that eternal verbal war between and among greedy ghosts of present and future days. He listened for a few minutes and with my eyes closed, left as quickly as he appeared. Here then Gone! A stranger in this camp would have been shot and killed. But if an angel of Peace and Love…Then as (Grace Barnett Wing) – Grace Slick once wrote: “I believe in Magic and I believe in Dreams.” Well, darling that makes two of us and Kiitos for that beautiful song.

Yes Virginia, there must be a way from life…For war is the Number one Sin against all Life. So a suicide ranks where in the list of sins? Forever War! Will never End! “The Answer my Friend is Blowing in the Wind.” Spit will strike you just like a rain drop. And! We are born to be wasted…

Anyway! Who cares? … “Dreams” by  – Grace Slick

Aliens…Where are You?

In the last 60 years we have sent spacecraft to visit and to inspect every planet except Pluto and all the major moons in the solar system. We have not found a sign of life. At the other end of the evolutionary scale, astronomers have examined thousands of stars for radio signals from extraterrestrials. So far, the silence is deafening.
Earth bound astronomers have scientific tools to view a few thousand stars and one solar system. This equals only a tiny trace of the potential riches of the galaxy, which holds some 200 billion stars. Depending on how plentiful Earth like planets are and how likely the evolution of life and intelligence is, astronomers have argued that there could be millions of civilizations in the galaxy, or only one.

So, if alien civilizations are plentiful and interstellar space travel is even vaguely attractive to them, where are they? Let us use this as a quick analysis: Aliens could spread throughout the Milky Way in far less than the 10 billion years that the galaxy has been around, even if they travel at far less than the speed of light, Einstein’s cosmic speed limit.

Suppose, for example, that the first alien starship that sets out for another star takes a million years to arrive there and become established. Then the new colony and the original civilization each sends a spaceship on a similar voyage, and so forth, so that a wave of new colonies are formed, doubling the total number every million years.
After 10 million years, there will be 1,023 alien settlements, plus the original. After 20 million years, there will be a million. After 40 million years, if they keep it up, there would be a trillion. Are these alien settlements more than there are stars in the galaxy? Oops! Another question?

By then, after 10 billion years, if there were more than one space faring civilization in the galaxy, they would be tripping over one another or one another’s artifacts. Presently, however, there seems to be nothing.

If the logic of argument is correct, it will spell doom and frustration for astronomers’ efforts to detect radio transmissions from distant societies, the project known as SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, because the presumed fact that they are not here means they are not there.

SETI enthusiasts concede that the paradox is not easy to get around. Perhaps interstellar travel is just too daunting and expensive, some say. But as we have seen, in movies, the aliens do not have to send themselves; they can send self-reproducing robots.

Moreover, California, and the islands of the Pacific before it, were settled by people who were willing to pack up their families, turn their backs on the known world and never look back. The scattering of humans over the whole earth from our origins in Africa is testimony to the ability of our own race at least, to keep on moving for a long time.

So! Are we alone or can we answer this question by using the imaginative and humble-sounding “zoo hypothesis.” This concludes that aliens are in fact here, or at least watching us, but are pledged to not interfere, like Star Trek’s (Prime Directive—Oh No!).  If this is true, our alien neighbors “hands-off” approach means we are being treated more ethically than we have traditionally treated animals and indigenous cultures here on Earth. In this group of “Nice Aliens” is there not one group that decides to take what they wish and slaughter mankind quickly and efficiently? The Grab and Run  theory?

If peaceful, however, they could be here. We may not be able to recognize them, any more than ants would recognize the Mona Lisa or the Internet as artifacts of Superior Beings.
The discovery of even a lowly fungus in the shade of some foreign sun would rank as a landmark in the history not only of science, but also of humanity.

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has caused the search for signs of extraterrestrial life, to be its centerpiece mission. Astrobiologists argue that this special mission is hostage to our most notions of life and intelligence. We are experts at looking for life that looks just like ourselves.

Still, could robot proxies be more expensive than electromagnetic waves and that we simply have not yet tapped into the Galactic Library or the Cosmic Internet. Imagine what we would discover if we had a Galatic Google? WoW!

“Absence of evidence,” as SETI astronomers like to say, “is not evidence of absence.” The search has barely begun, and the scientific thing to do,is to keep searching, expecting answers, and trusting that we know the correct questions.

America! And a Fall from Grace…

Like Rome Before the Fall? And Why? Not Yet? Please combine both truth and fiction while tracing the rise and the fall of America. Divide and Conquer?

Why? Are we fighting a war with Iraq – we as a country of warriors and our allies have gained and will not gain anything except another nail in a communal coffin. No! Oil wealth and a growing list of worthless enemies? Is this country of Hell worth a single soldier’s life?

Why? Are we fighting a war in Afghanistan – we as a country of warriors and our allies have gained and will not gain anything except another nail in our communal coffin. Is a pipeline across this country of Hell worth a single soldier’s life?

Why must? America learn peace and to: ”Know when to hold them – Know when to fold them – Know when to walk away – Know when to run!”

And! America must enter a war  to: Invade, Destroy, Pillage and Plunder…Our military must never become Peace Police…Divided and Destroyed?

As England was losing its power and wealth, Rudyard Kipling wrote this:

“Far-called, our navies melt away,On dunes and headlands sinks the fire; Lo, All our pomp of yesterday Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!”

 May Respect and Understanding and Love and Peace be with…we doubt this more everyday.

Anyway! Who Cares?

A or (The proletariat)…

The proletariat is not a sociological category of people in such-and-such income group and such-and-such occupations, etc., but rather a real, historically developed entity, with its own self-consciousness and means of collective action. The relation between an individual proletarian and the class is not that of non-dialectical sociology, in which an individual with this or that attribute is or is not a member of the class. Rather, individuals are connected to a class by a million threads through which they participate in the general social division of labour and the struggle over the distribution of surplus value.

One issue that needs to be considered in relation to the definition of Proletariat is Wage Labour. Wage labour is the archetypal form in which the proletariat engages in the labour process, that is, by the sale of a worker’s labour-power according to labour-time. K. Marx considers piece-work, in which the worker is paid by output rather than by time, as a form of wage-labour, not essentially different from wage-labour. Today workers are obliged to sell their product by means of contract labour. So, what is essential in the concept of proletariat. Contract labour does undermine working-class consciousness, but at the same time, the person who lives in a capitalist society, and has no means of support but to work, is a proletarian, even if they are unable to find employment (where workers may become lumpen-proletariat if their living conditions are very difficult).

If one earns tiny wages and exists in a degraded living condition, does one leave the Proletariat world and become a Slave ? When does a consistently degrading country replace government with revolution born of old ideas in a new world? When does that flash of revolution extinguish itself and the army of new Slavers rule with an “iron fist” and no mercy? So goes the USA?

Liars or Misspoken Liars…

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal: A Liar of Misspoken Lies… Say Richard Blumenthal, say, misspeak, or just say it ain’t a lie because you are the Connecticut Attorney General… A General-a General-a General is a General.

Slate Mag…
By Christopher Beam (Missed Saigon)
Posted Tuesday, May 18, 2010, at 5:30 PM ET
[Richard convened a press conference Tuesday in Hartford. Blumenthal rebutted charges in a front-page New York Times article that he lied about his war record.” “On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service, and for that I take full responsibility,” he said, flanked on both sides by Marines Corps veterans who injected periodic Oorahs and Semper Fi’s.] “But I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service to our country.”

[Between 1965 and 1970, Blumenthal received at least five deferments and then served six years in the Marine Corps Reserve. Never participated in any combat during the War…] Why are you not proud of being a Marine?

Many of us, serving in the Armed Forces of America and never stopped by or fought in Vietnam, leave out the word or words; ”I served during the Vietnam War.” Why? We respect our fighting warriors, living and dying in the Vietnam War in 4-part harmony!

Does Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal = another pathetic lying ass-hhh of an American Politician?

WOW! Who knows? With enough words, stated, misspoken, or lied, truth sometimes just goes away…”Out Damned Spot – Out I say.”