So Strikes—The Minds of Us…

333“Courage is grace under pressure”…from ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway

We—determine—destiny—as spirits and as flesh? Angry Gods—do not exist. Angry men—matter little—except to scrubs—of scurry selves—beings—just spinning matter of expressions. Rude—the kings and queens—of foolish speak—when angles fall—toward earthbound trivial…Moment Gods—require no explanations—when fear rules—these angled angels. As flesh—we return—turned peace—to war and gash—slash ‘cross—another spin of earth. Battle— disturbs the strength—of peace and the balance of life. We war—against nothing—save ideas and the—ideals of anti-life. Remove religions and governments and kings and queens! Better-to-fall-in-love—and not—fall-in-battle—donchathink?

We work these fields—beneath sing-song wires and lengths of wave grain—toward the forever of sight—out-in and back again…Brushed wind—white tunics—seagull wings—flapping over soil black and breeze seeded—hand to bag—to sky—to flip ‘cross ground rich—water ditch—return again—‘til tunic—lost shapes—into the bluest evening mist of planet wash and evening spin…

We turn now toward—forked road—ways beyond sighted-righted places—and our stars of guiding trails—twisted—misted—shakes and quakes—push-pull us—toward left trails or right paths…Guiding compass—lodestone—or stars—point the way—only one direction—to go and to return—toward—this direction taken—always pointed—is pointed—toward us…

Look—ahead—we heart ask—to find a way—anyway and without voice touch—we know those traveled roads—of desert keep and ground soaked reach…Our hands are covered—centuries deep—dust—with must-do-to-will-not-be—and secrets of the good—of evil—and the surest evil of—good—too great—to see—forgotten heart fears—drying tears—gone voice—silent with—pretty pity and reverence silly-speak—squeak folly—or death…

We cannot know—standing here—if earth twirls at universal core—or still stranded and branded—dust ships swirl across a patch of dark grey—dawn and waiting for rainfall—to clean-wash us and our perch—we hear—here balance upon. Here—hear now—heart cry—sobs—without light—and—waiting without warning—then—just waiting—just begins—to want—again. And! What happiness—happens—is possibly happening—on dust speckled earth-side—through goals higher—than justified—to vindicate happiness—for dust speckled us? Or? Is a dust-speckled ride—a stand-alone stride—alone goal without end—without beginning—without purpose—but-to-be-point—free?

We are not means to an end—others—may wish to accomplish…We are not tools—to be used. We are not servants of need-greed-to-be-freed—or bandages for other wounds—nor sacrifices to gods—come whimsy or rushing wings—gift bearing things—beads—baubles—glitter or flash…We are not born to be wasted or wasted-to-be-born…

Candle light—warms ‘cross tables—rooms—windows-to-windows and sometimes just east-north of darkest—planet spin—where night grin—grim news—‘cross space wig-waggle and eyes search sky—die—search and die—until starship light—lights—night and candle light fosters— hope—before freedom ends—then begins—again. ‘One Thousand Tears’ are longer time—than years of fears—pass star night and moonlight fails. And! You and I are not—ever—born to be wasted—right?

And! Beautiful you are…

‘Born To Be  Wasted’…by Alexander Perls

Flawed Democracy Times Three…

librabluetoliteToday…Government must be… ‘The Way of  Humane Authority.’

Therefore…Democracy is a flawed ideal. Why? It is based upon the sovereignty of the people. It is government granting power to democratically elected representatives. It is a government of more than one source of legitimacy…Presently! The multiplicity of our Senate and Congress cancels one another. Add a horror show: Of Democrats-Republicans-Tea Bangers…Oh my!

Practicing…Democracy creates problems. The interests and desires of the electorate are political choices. Moral issues develop: the majority may wish for; racism-imperialism-colonialism-fascism or… Short-term interests and solutions override the long-term interests of all mankind. Greed and Waste and War.

War… ‘What it is good for?’ It ends life too quickly. Innocence dies! History is a rewrite! The graciousness’ of living—gone! Young men and women fight and die…Hearts-do-break! We love our children! Religion not needed! Christ–What a Blur-Job…Once Truth existed? When and Where and How?

Money’s…Interests are political interests and are the priority of the Incumbent.  America (with democratically invested state governments) is unable to develop and sustain independent energy sources and our internal resources. Curbing energy usage? Without responsible (Humane Authority), the incumbent government of the moneyed electorate destroys the future choices of future generations…WOW!

Humane Authority…Examines political legitimacy. It is not ‘the peoples’ thoughts regarding their leaders. It is the true examination of a Ruler/President/Prime Minister/Governor/Mayor/Judge/Congressional/Senatorial and whatever. Let us; determine if he or she has the right to be a ruler (elected or not).

Criteria…Legitimacy through knowledge of the Earth, the Heavens and the People…Easy!

America…Practices a government called Democratic Capitalism. It is a combination of all things Social-Economical-Political. When successful, this ideology is a tripartite of democratic polity; Free markets, Fiscal responsibility and Balance.

The Economic Engine…Is supported by the capitalist-free-market-economy. Jobs are many and all people have employment. The people of a Capitalist Democracy become ‘through hard work’ a prosperous people…’We, the People in order to form!’

Truth…Capitalism is an impossible taskmaster. The Greed of Destruction is the method of governance. So! Short is the time of a Capitalist Democracy. Quickly; this is changed into Authoritarian Capitalism. Government is a tripartite of: Special Interest Groups, Corporate Lobbyists and Money…Koch (Coke) Brothers, etc.

We are…The grip of terror. This is the time of blurred vision and lies. This is the time of pathetic sound-bites and pathetic News-Shows in four-part harmony. And! Blah-Blah-Blah…

Revolution…Is the reality. Truth! Socialism is a movement forward. The Union of Laborers and Professionals…Easy?

And! Beautiful you are…

‘Among the Stars there is a Place where my Heart Always Returns.’  by Unsun…




Songs of Away…

Touch your breath with mine on this night. Lips warmed with kisses
On this silent and this windless night—
I come for you

Brief shore time and great time away.
Universe of sea and water
Wind and storms and planet touch—
I come for you

Away from mid-Jan’s night magic and soft
lips and kisses without sounds with us.
On this silent and this windless night—
I come for you.

Now! Sally Born-She Sea-ness-And Salt-ness-Upon foam-less-Night seen-Day-loss. Alive life-Before time-Raining time-And night-Out begins-Or Senses.

Now! Sally ridge-Run summer-Without fall-Not winters-Spring ins-Reason outs. Just blood-Blue or- Red wiggle-Or warming-Self to- Air pushed-We then-In Breathe-Out then.

No! Quicker now- Quickly not-Without Sally-Sound gone-Remembered now-Forgotten or-Mourning willed-Minded danced-Without Sally-Home dreams-Picture silenced-Of life.

And! Beautiful you are…




Ending the Lies of Unemployment

Early in our developmental years and through the lies of the ‘work ethic’ doctrine, we are brainwashed into believing in the happiness of wage slavery. We are shaped by our parents, also wage slaves and throughout the processes of formal education from kindergarten through college. We expect to work and to realize success…Now into the darkness!

From a column by: William Deresiewicz author (A Jane Austen Education)…“A recent study found that 10% of those working on Wall Street are ‘clinical psychopaths.’ These folk are incapable of interest or empathy toward other folks. They have and practice an unparalleled capacity for lying, fabrication and manipulation.”

Then does this follow? The rich (1%) of the world’s favored few lie, cheat and break the law on a continuous basis?

Wall Street is pure and raw Capitalism. It is an Evil place and the destructive union of psychopaths and control. The remaining (99%) of our world suffer…Pure Capitalism is a lie that we readily accept from birth-to-death. We are instructed to work for next-to-nothing and we commit our precious selves to wage slavery and claims that we are ‘blessed.’

Good capitalists are frauds and cheats. They promise the masses luxury and throw bits of this to a few through accounting fraud, tax evasion, toxic dumping, product safety violations, bid rigging, over-billing and perjury. A few companies caught: Enron, BP, Goldman, JP Morgan, Philip Morris, GE, Merck, Walmart and News Corp. We will succeed by screwing our workers, hurting our customers and destroying the land.

If corporations are people: These people are psychopaths: indifferent to others, incapable of guilt and completely devoted to their own interests.

Are there any ethical corporations and ethical business people? Maybe a few, however, in capitalism ethics are optional. Capitalist values are the opposite of Social survival. Churches, while a small step toward Socialism, are still proponents of an unregulated free market—me, me, me is substituted by the words Your Church. All Churches sell blue sky and are very successful businesses managed by psychopathic leaders and continued by a congregation of blind followers controlled since birth.

Capitalist values are the opposite of democratic values. The principles of a republican government asks us to consider the interests of others, however Capitalism is the single-minded pursuit of profit and every man for himself.

Very Important: Workers are the Creators of Wealth…Workers use labor to create wealth for entrepreneurs—the excess productivity, over and above wages and those ‘compensations’ continues as corporate profit…

Note: Most rich people are not entrepreneurs. They are executives of established corporations, institutional managers of other types, very wealthy doctors and lawyers, successful entertainers and athletes, people  inheriting wealth and people working on Wall Street…Hitler’s notion to imprisoned all speculators may have been a correct notion?

From Kurt Vonnegut in (‘Slaughterhouse-Five’)…

‘The poor mock themselves and glorify their betters. Our most destructive lie is that is very easy for Americans to make money. Continued lie…The poor are lazy, stupid and evil. The rich are brilliant, courageous and good. They shower their beneficence upon the rest of us.’

(Remember…The rich are psychopaths…Our schools, our businesses and our governments are managed by these psychopaths)! We must stop lying to ourselves and our children. In our present chapter of Life on Earth greed has beaten us. The new mantra is austerity. This is another word for doing more for less.

Capitalism is our destruction. Socialism is our only savior.

And! Beautiful you are…

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Kiss of the Sky

Sunshine and morning kisses. A slow day and thoughts and quiet conversation and never saying anything of importance and sunsets over the sea and sand and blankets and a glass of wine and love and darkness and butterfly kisses and touch and…


And! Beautiful you are…

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America Dead…

To Rule America Please:

Establish a harmonious society free of today’s enormous gap between the rich and the poor.

Rid government of corruption and replace this abomination with social justice.

Understand progress! Progress is a combination of success and failure. America’s leaders are cowards. They praise their successes and blame others for their failures.

Admit your mistakes and covet your corrections. Follow this method and your attempts to govern may become useful to all of us.

Govern by way of legislative revolution, realism and ‘soft control.’

The proper use of ‘Humane Authority’ dusts away the inhuman results of tyranny. All forms of ‘Inequality’ create enemies of the state and of the country. Inequality equals hate and revolution and ultimately war.

A ‘Hegemonic America’ has cheated both at home and aboard. The result: A government of indifference toward moral (not religious) concerns and violence against non-allies.

Presently: America’s condition equals a country of scattered revolution (little ‘r’). America’s heart and soul is both attacked and is dying.

If a true Revolution (big ‘R’) does not overnight appear and succeed – America is dead. Then…’Long live Tyranny’?

And! Beware of future Oil wars and China? “Beware of Wolves at Night—Beware of the Moon’s Light.”

And! Beautiful you are…

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Pockets Emptied and Filled…

On the Economic Highway or at the Junction of Worldwide Economic Failure. States still belching red gases are also realizing reductions in tax collection and revenue from those taxes including: Individual, Corporate and Sales taxes…Still needing Federal Money?

And! Our Federal Fathers need more than $ many billion per day to fund programs at home and military operations around the globe. This is more than $ many billion a day money borrowed.

Our trade imbalance cripples everything and people, too. What is left of our home-grown industries? We produce less than we buy from countries around the world. Our job creation efforts are also in other countries. China, India and blah-blah-blah! What is an American Worker to do?

A further reduction of State and Federal aid to the employed and unemployed and the middle class and our poor, will feed in the near future, a bloody war.

Let us keep printing money. Let us give more to the already rich and mighty. Golden Bankers and our bonus-babies are stupid children. If their futures also include a real and fatal dose of reality; bah-boom and their dollars and dollars will be worthless. A scent of doubt, and “runs” on Banks and banks running will again yield a bloody war!

Housing and ouch! Home sales are? What is a Renter to do? Buy a House?  Truth and results are among, bad and bad and terrible. Rent a home from a distant Federal Slumdog gone bad, why not and of course and “this sure is better than being homeless.”

Future shift:  Who cares and where is supper? A soup can, once the soup is consumed, makes a great coffee cup. A campfire warms at least one side of the body and then that body can turnaround. Baby crying again, must find something for a feeding. Charles Dickens would have many tales and copy for future novels.

Per Fagin…  ”gotta pick a pocket or two.”

And…Beautiful you are! “Elegy”…by Leaves’ Eyes

The Star Guide…

I am worn and tired and pained of this gravity rich bone hollow earthed wreak of a planet.  Welcome infants, fortunate to live into adult beings of war and of shells and of walls built around selves for survival and…

Even love kills for many reasons and the hits and misses are unwelcome and those hurting wounds bleed from every opening in the survival shells.

Layers diminish and the going on inside the wounds cry for a sweet peace.  Peace, however,  is a never last and leaves the day and by life’s end flits ghost-shaped quickly across dream-side. Just before the worn die, worn smiles and animal body screams in silence for more time and more and more and…

This concert ends days after air breeder body stops and with Star Guide ready, soul breeder leaves this wreaked place along with many names and the Nemo travel across sky toward anywhere. Long sky visits or short-lived freedoms are then trapped by anything and bang – bang – bang soul drops and body stirs in good places.

When born, star traveler sleeps in safe arms. And! Infant loved, is again robbed of star knowledge and the memories of once past life and the future memory of sleep and again death. Again, the stupidity of primal-side.

Once and for all, the circle is again safely closed and the web building starts the markers of builders old and builders new. The Star Guide is folded into its original shape until it is again required and opened to be read and followed across the skybridge. Bang-Bang-Bang and let the games begin…

And Beautiful You Are!