Little Angels and Light

Crowman never worries about timing because he has never known Time.

    “I have seen this thing before,” to no one but Those Hurts and they listen to him always, since the beginning of things, of days or nights or evenings or mornings, or when things were or were not.
      “I know this place like the farm, the river when fish were fish and would swim right by the bait. This is the road. A hoppity-skipping-small little road not needing a reason, rhyme or paving coverings over sidewalk – cracks that if “you step on a crack or break.”

Something that rhymes with nothing but a word that names the place where sidewalk ends then starts again.

He stood on those eternal legs and started down the hoppity-skippity road.
He stopped and the Hurts joined him. He skipped toward them and they skipped toward him.  He turned and a little light flicked just skips in front of him. Little flitting light of sparkle and little else. Then from that eternal mind he sang a couple of words, a short sighing melody and nothing else.
     “Raspberry Beret, and when warm not much mmmmor”.

Little Tesh through a small hole between her teeth whispered,

      “Butterfly?” Not question, not statement, not fact not…

 “Almost a Crowman.” he almost answered.

      “I know this!”
      “We Know!” the Hurts said and answered Crowman.
      “I have known this Sparkle!”
     “Know Spark.”
     “This is the Line: I have waited and watched and wanted and needed and Loved you since the End Of  Days. It is… it is… It is a little hoppity-skippity prayer of a little road that begins,”  Butterfly whispered.

 The Hurts, laughed like so often the hurts laugh.
 ”With Us?”
 ”Then Gone OK?”

     Then the Angel touched the Angel and the Angel and the Angel….

Light touched light and Crowman almost knew a nothing or something
that did not matter the matter or irritate the matter.
Light smiled “and Yes Tesh, Angels do smile.”

There was a Time…a Time, and a Time.
Light carried Mother Nature’s sweet ones, Home. by Nightwish & Tarja Turunen…