‘V’ And The Runners

The Runners came last night and left ruin just above the south-side Viaduct . A thin ribbon of concrete stretched between the north and south of Jack Park to continue October City both north and south and east from Lakeside to West Cay. Between their raid and the jet booms above sky, City was still Sity and the confusion of Night-Day was marked by a simple gray dawn the a period of oily rain that fell day-to-day between high-light and gloom.

Amery Tavern was a meeting place for several teens and the few twenty year old girls and boys that still found life without plague-set. Vinny was one of these ” lucky” few and thought to be a last defense captain for Greendale Village. He was tired and streaked with that mixture of blood-splatter and ooze-liquid they all called rain. He carried a sawed-off short barreled shotgun and two old forty-five pistols. Around his waist was a double belt of bullets and bullet pouches and two belted shell looped carriers crisscrossed his chest front-to-back.

“You back ‘V’,” Genna a twenty-year old plague-free girl with dark hair and a combination of army jeans, shirt and a sweat-shirt pull-over directed toward him without looking up from her bottle of liquid.

“Yeah!” Vinny answered.“Where were you?  Several more Runners last night. They settled into rail-stop seven and held-out against us for ‘bout two hours. We fired too many rounds to waste them and…”

“Busy V.” she said. “I will be with you next time- Vin—no problem.” “You doing reloads today Genna?” “Yeah Vin…Yeah I’ll be there.”

Near Genna on the far-side of the bar, another twenty or so people, both rested from the night’s fighting or engaged in small talk without directing anything further toward Vinny or his people.

And! Beautiful you are.

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