Orbits or Spins…

Are we actually able to destroy this massive orb we cling to as it twirls and spins across the heavens? ‘Hold on—we’re coming.’

I often wonder if our Global issues are more egocentric mischief and another grand marketing ploy-plan-joke-reality. Humanity is a self-centered, monotheistic, one world lived, jumble of lies and truth and refuse and life. And! Life is sacred…Life is beyond religion and ministry and belief and government and rule and control. Life is and thankfully Life happens—everywhere…ad infinitum! Why? Why-not?

We know and believe the pure chemical garbage—we intake, ingest, spew, create, destroy, plant, protect, pillage, plunder, use, misuse, mine, drill, refine, spill, clean, control, slave, market, sell, eat, love and hate—kills all that contacts these miracles of science and greed.

Life adapts or ceases. Life begins-survives and dies…Life does continue! Life happens and there is nothing humanity can contrive to stop this occurrence. It is the continuation that allows us to survive…Without us/humanity/animal/mineral/plant…Life happens!

Maybe those are the Gods we should worship…Life! Nothing greater or less…And! In our monotheistic confusion and the eternal hunt for center-plus-power-to-greed, we destroy the presence of this current humanity. Add the pitiful attempt to exact a slippery control of chaos and we produce war-destruction-death and inhumanity…Wowzer!

Words written and words overloaded.

Yes! We have Global Issues…Important problems and Actual solutions.  Work to be done now for Now and now for our Future. However, life will survive with or without us.

While everything may remove us from this Planet, we are cowards and we love our children! No religions or governments…required.

And! Beautiful you are…