The Music of Angels…

23From these ridges of snow and ice, horse mounted Iron Riders watch and wait from a mountain-top. Below the wide valleys of snow and ice covered trees and roads of dirt and rock across the villages and towns and the City scatter from clearings and pastures and forest; they wait. These are warriors both of women and men, are armed to war against what requires life-death or more or less.

Behind the clouds and dancing lights, planets spin about suns and above these lands three moon risings fill the intervals of darkness and the setting and coming of twin suns. Even behind these clouds, high above the Riders of Iron and horses, these suns both rise and set and the moons come to walk-dance across the sky.

Iron Riders battle for the love of home and wars that happen. They do not fight against what maybe or is not happening or for religion or for the government of destruction. Think about it: Isn’t government the same word as religion?

The days of controlled weather and magnetic storms and the rule of one against many died times ago. Deliberate had the One’s creations been and destructive either planned for or occurring accidentally—because technology happens with and without complete control—especially if a ‘maybe war’ requires corrective measures and especially if a ‘maybe war’ just needs to happen.

Build it and destroy it and build it over and again or just because ‘we can’ and you cannot win and since you will lose we need to change your thinking or your social structure and remove your past from everyone’s history. We win—we write—you lose—you cobble together what remains from rocks and sand. “Oh well! Don’t you understand; because we do?”

Weather controlled controls those subjected to this control. A weapon of mass destruction is without negotiation. It exists—it will be used against…Words for these instruments of compliance are: HAARP, STAR WARS, ENMOD, NUCLEAR, SDI, NSA, FBI, CIA,DOD, NIMA, Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Vehicles Directorate —Government and of course Religion.

Before the Iron Riders the Ones triggered immediate destruction via; floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and sound. The Ones studied imagery of flooding, erosion, land-slide hazards, earthquakes, ecological zones, weather forecasts, and climate change” with data relayed from satellites. Call this study for predictions and entertaining is the information In-Out of entertainment media called the news or the weather—still weapons were developed, perfected and used with the usual results expected and gained.

What remained was controlled by the instruments of financial ruin, fraud called: Speculation, IMF, WTO and the World Bank—gifts to the masses through Usury. Is there actually a real New World Order? Only the ‘one percenters’ really know—donchathink?

Now the Iron Riders and breathing upon a cold morning from; women and men and horses leathered clad all and armored ‘gainst wounds as animals strong-stamp in snow above this valley just before the coming of first sun and first light appears in a blue-white dawn. Still warriors and war will live and die as it happens, ad-infinitum. Is a battle among warriors better than raging against a machine?

And! Beautiful you are…