Camera 360People must follow leaders only after these leaders have earned the peoples’ confidence. Leadership must correctly interpret the people’s needs—desires and aspirations—and fulfill all promises made to the people and their struggles toward collective freedom and determination… The dedication of the People will triumph over Capitalism’s tyranny!

Is Social Democracy a mixed economy? Is it a mixture of the inequality of today’s capitalism, progressive taxation, social benefits, and civil liberties? Does this work? Why the declined conditions of the Working Class? A minimum wage increase, in today’s environment of speculation-unregulated capitalism-employment-out-sourcing, does not follow. It is a quick purchase of the People’s right to a proper wage and the pursuit of family security. Are minimum wage increases better than a nothing extra kick?

Presently—the economic situations of capitalistic greed have caused inequalities of wealth, income and opportunities. The current practice of Social Democracy has failed. The inequalities of Capitalism are wonderful for the wealthy, however; the middle-class retains poor-to-poor portions of ‘we-the-people’ and are worse-off in this financial cesspool comically mentioned as Labor verses the Welfare state.

Poverty is not a notion of any entertainment value. So; war is brought to us by the fantasy of television—cable news and newspapers brought to us by commercials and the Wealthy. Escape into the unreal reality of movies and sports and blah-blah-blah…When the People can no longer afford entertainment due to Hunger, revolution will happen in the ‘twinkling’ of their eyes.

Then appears radical changes required to re-distribute personal incomes, wealth, education, land, employment and maybe just after the blood-shed ceases; hope and a future for generations yet to come. Without these changes, socialist elements will always exist; and alway subordinate to the gross inequalities of capitalist elements.

Commodities and wages paid—equal the organization of production and the payment of labor. Any Social constructions under Capitalism such as; Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, Unemployment, Job-Training, etc. are financed by tax revenues extracted from the Workers and taxes paid by the purchases of these commodities.

Additional taxes—if not hidden—are extracted from profits. Those ‘hidden profits’ are called taxes not paid through tax avoidance (illegally-legal) in a capitalistic social structure…

Basic services and ‘welfare’ measures are dependent on the dynamics of a healthy capitalist sector and a strong tax base—Maybe the Workers of the World? Only thru a profitable and corruptible government growing rich, may a Social Democratic entity deliver ‘necessary goods’ to the People?

Damned therefore, is the ability of anything recently called a ‘Social Democratic government’ to reference socialism or to remotely shape a class structure. The practice of Democratic Socialism in the USA is inherently self-destructive.

If it attempts to redistribute any form of wealth it threatens to destroy the engines of a corrupt capitalistic-wealth-creation and greed maintenance government. Without true socialism the workers of the world always lose and remember… Socialism does not destroy the concept of individuality.

Is the time for Revolution near?

And! Beautiful you are…