Sally’s Roar…


Soft whispers and…

Your scent and

Your touch and

Still not you.

 Not for moments and love

Not for days and touch

And alone and


 Sorrow does have

A human heart.

And…without time

It does not depart.

 So! Witch Magic

I will follow

You as things

And tears…

 No! Just whispers and

Words brush my cheek

And your soft lips

And your love.

 And! Night whispers

And oh God now

Remembered and


 So! Sally and somewhere

Do you ever dream—

Ever dream

Of me?

 Those tiny bruises

Touching love near

Country dirt roads

You adored.

 Sally! In the

Darkness of

This sleepless night –

I miss you…

And! Beautiful you are…

By Houses—-‘A Quiet Darkness’