When Butterfly Kisses Life…

Bridges_317We did swim—those same waves in oceans of our own. Chasing us
And catching our time together where Sand-talk took us to other stars and seas
And love charged us with train engine strength…
We were those warriors of the quick.

Once watching you walk across our sand spot To toe-touch water and flesh—I knew
Life would not continue without You…Gods—we ran life-like it never ends—we

Flesh touched—however; spirits twined and together power-life ringed around universes of time Into daylight—night-light and sunlight’s moon-lighted reflections.

Now! Across a trillion miles of space and whirling worlds somewhere beyond vision’s stretch—I Know the strength of your smile and the lights of your being. You and I are the Gods of creation’s Own creators—poet write and sketches of pen’s friction against paper and baby—dance as tiny Flashes of sunshine kiss her little smiles.

From these cliffs high above sands and sea salt below—one beautiful leap and skyward reaching The joining of now and in falling toward again love—heart always returns and sand-talk begins Beach-walks and toe-touches along watered edges and life. It is a long way down—just a short Drop to paradise…

Is love an exception to what we usually see? Watch the umbrella—two to share.
Arms around first shoulder and then to waist. A lean each toward other. A cheek, a brush of
Mouth to skin. Walking…hair-to-hair and hip-to-hip.
So! Love is an accepted exception…

He loves her and She loves him. She loves her and she loves HerHe loves him and he loves Him…Love is correct—Love is life—Love is the only power that matters
The matter of Spirit Flesh and Body Spirit—Time and the distance
Between heaven spaced and drops of rain…

And! Beautiful you are…

Kiss From A Rose’ by Northern Kings