Liberty Of Nevertimes…

PS_97Children of other dawns—touch hand or swish shoulders once or twice or often—without the counting of times or steps or memories. Be the happening of breath and silhouettes angled away from us by the western moon to fade or go by whimsy cloud or art. Smiles not required and laughter not heard, not from or by our own design or folly. We are born of yesterday’s parents and tomorrow’s ruin. However—right on this moment and now on this side of second slide—we birth this moment or instance or day or past night’s hour. Live only—on this stretch of sand and along with—the catching up of tide flows—believe the ice and water before and behind us are our ground and our chapter of seasons lived—written against the sands of shifting grain and the wind.

In June of 1787, James Madison addressed the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on the dangers of a permanent army. “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty,” he argued. “The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.”

The New York Times reports, “During our present administration, according to Pentagon data, police departments have received tens of thousands machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.”

In his new book, ‘Rise of the Warrior Cop’, journalist Radley Balko illustrates that the militarization of police departments developed—several decades before 9/11. He mentions—a few appropriate applications of modern—tactics and weaponry—obscure—routine use—each day—against U.S. citizens—accused of ordinary crimes, in ways that would have been repugnant to the nation’s founders. “To say a military tactic is legal, or even effective, is not to say it is wise or moral in every instance,” the president noted in his recent speech. “For the same human progress that gives us the technology to strike half a world away also demands the discipline to constrain that power—or risk abusing it.”

Silencers—Machine guns? Now! Why would local law enforcement need that sort of gear? No shot to ‘ring—out’ and body still falls? Bullet Gods—Kingdoms of Death—wondering where freedom was lost and found—began or—an end—of—ghosts’ whisper ‘Life—Liberty—and the Pursuit of Runners—running out of streets and roads and places free of ‘No—Don’t—will not and not going-to-happen’—Amen again—again and Amen again?’ When life—back turns—and runs away—when unarmed couples die inside anything—when does ‘Fear-of-Life’—End and when does Murder Begin?

Early morning when sounds are soft against ear and movement does not play darts and goes and stop and start. Reflect or not to think—but to happen as life happens—in the sweet flow of quiet seashore in bright moons—light. Waves—gently lick the places of sand castles—fading as eastern stars’ faint twinkle and the roars of today’s day—touch the future and stops. We are—barefoot children of yesterday. We leave behind—dancing—little paws—marks—in semi-wet sand—cool without sunshine.

Pipers play and—children dance into a ragged sorted night—and as they dance— Goddess flash—darkness thunders and—those claps of little hands and rings join songs and laughter—only as a child laugh–sings. A piper of the raggedy—sorting day and the role of rolls—the answer ones—dance behind and beside the flute of silver crafts and a simple dancing song. ‘A better day,’ they shout and everyone agrees.

And! Beautiful you are…

‘Never Enough’ by Epica

Never Enough

10 comments on “Liberty Of Nevertimes…

    • Hi J.B. Thanks for reading the post…A military police in our country— Unfortunate for the freedom of us all—I fear…But then being free is always a fine line to ‘balance on’ donchaknow? Again thanks! Enjoying your posts…

  1. I was raised by pacifists who were ready to pay to send my brothers to Canada. They made us earn half of any bike or other big ticket item. We all started neighborhood jobs and revyclef. But a war that we could not solve problems with, they ” took a stand against. ” the war on hunger and march for equality mattered. The children of the world deserve peace. No guns if possible, I am okay with hunting for food.
    Recent killing in a church makes me weep. Police need to use stun guns or tasers not full out weapns. If the police cannot demonstrate peaceful restraint how can we expect teens to know right ways to compromise. My childhood was not innocent since we talked about serious things. Mom knew in her high school teaching situations she would talk about so we would show kindness to others and sympathize. Yet, we ran at our babysitters house, through crn fields, over and into creeks. This piece of writing shows the dichotomy of what we remember and wish for versus reality today. Great job, Philip! :)

    • Hi Robin…Thanks again! Your words of wishing for—hoping for —and the harsh reality of today is ‘spot-on’…Our latest taste of ‘terror-horror’ from Charleston, SC—breaks heart and shatters dream…No surprises—just sorrow! Presently—technology and non-lethal means of dealing with ‘fear-of-life’ issues is a solution. Wishing—our Law Enforcement folks could—would further embrace and implement this technology…A return to ‘Neighborhood’ may also further solve the ‘military-police’—‘us-against-them’ paradigm—presently a reality across Big city America. Again! No surprises—just sorrow…Sorry to ramble…Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful writing! Wishing you Peace and Love! Phil

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