Silk Spins Without Time…

2672Block universes—spin without time—without ‘dimensions three’—as things occur—may never be—where changes—never-were—and within blocks—past—present—presents—in future’s—long-time ago. And! Is it faster if we move thru space—or if space moves through us? ‘We move toward mountain—or mountain moves toward us’? Illusions—in mind spin—are as real—as memories of futures—moving ahead—out-of-sight—but still inside—kept…So! Together links of—gravity—strong nuclear—electromagnetic—weak nuclear—into unified theory and still linking—the theory of gravity—to the theory of—quantum mechanics—fails—eludes—mind skips—to time slips—donchaknow…

We do—remove those ‘for granted’—blinders’-of-right-sight—and often skyward—search and find—the light…Those wormholes—cosmic cross—universes—near and far—and still ‘we’ see—the vast—of power blast—possibilities—of relativity’s—loopholes—and just hope-know-now—‘warp drive’ may—span distance ‘cross—space—time wonders—wandering about—Moses’s time—wilderness—speak—‘til speed—crease—cease—and earth-lock—unblock—free—‘childhood’s end’—and into space—we—seek-creep and star-child begins—again…

Instead—warp drive—space folds—space-time—continues—and arrives—for us—distortions—bends—and separations—wide—are right ‘next door.’ “More is less—and—less is more.” Bubble-ride—twirling whirl—and—glide—inside safe—as spaces-of-space—fabric rich—move—-bubble ships—wait-not-wait—as space-time—expands—contracts and relativity’s—restricts—fades—alongside trails—of star-dust—must—and—space knows ‘no’ rules or reason—only—rhythm and rhyme…

And! The—Universal-Limits-of-Speed—is applicable—to Bubbles-moving-through-space—not applied to Space—itself…During Space’s Inflationary Moments—did Space-Time—manage—speeds—infinite accelerations—infinitely faster—than Light Speed-ride-glide and slide? The continuation of—the Space-Time Continuum—may also suggest—that—Large Bangs—of Starts—and—whimpers—of stops—are possibly ‘End of Time’—as Inflationary Moments—fade—as star dust trails—begin or end—as we ‘too-twos’ also—always ‘do.’

Universal Expansion—shifting red—to observe—Star Path—motions away—Suns’ red color suggests ‘out-bounders’ while—‘in-bounders’ are not—‘red’ shifters…’Bench markers’ —nova—supers—only depend on—the invariability—of time—‘tick-tock’—throughout—the Universal Divide…If Time—is—‘downshifting’—our notions of—solitary time—is on slow-bump-grind—into a dimension—of—New Space. “Twinkle-Twinkle-Little Star”—how we wonder—what you are? And! Even ancient stars—from Earth-spin-twirl—perspective—do appear to still be accelerating…

If time real—does cease—in a few more—billions-of-years—the Universal Everything—may also halt-grind-to-slow—too stop. Could—Would the Energy-of-Darkness—the anti gravitational mystery—provide—proof—of—the positive-of-the-negative? What if we are ‘looking backward’? What if—the expansion of—a ‘Universe Accelerating’—is actually ‘Time’ herself—slowing down? Unnoticed—everyday—yet—obvious—when cosmic-scale-measures—universe-tracking—over billions—of years? Ancient Light—Ancient Stars—and—the trails of Magic Dust in the Sky…

We measure—all things known—unknown—quantities—lengths—of short—of tall—tales—of —beings—both big—and small—‘cause—we are—Spirits of Creation—Creative Critters—one-and-all.

And! Beautiful you are…

‘Taking Me Home’…by Baligamingo

50 comments on “Silk Spins Without Time…

      • Phil, I wish you the Happiest of New Years and a 2016 full of laughter and love and a dollop of content and of course and mildly selfishly that the flame of your creativity will continue to burn strongly :)

  1. Indeed, we are Creative Critters wondering about wonders always and forever timelessly…And! Beautiful you are….
    Wishing you a wonderFULL New Year and looking forward to see the places your mind takes us.

    • Hi Laurel…Thanks! Do ‘possibilities’ come to us or do we ‘chase’—impossible ‘possibilities’? Still! It is possible to believe in Magic and Magical Dreams—donchaknow? Wishing you days of Gentle winds—Soft curves and Wonder…Phil

  2. We are but star dust. I am so glad we are sprinkled here on Earth at the same time so our paths may serendipitous cross, Philip. Always a pleasure, my dear. Hope it was a wonderful new year and wishing you all your dreams come true in 2016. Peace be with you, my friend Philip. ♡

  3. WOW – this is a fascinating mind-twist. You have quite a way with words — and it is especially wonderful for me to come across a post that dash-strings more concepts than I do :)

    Happy New Year, Philip
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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