Do we—‘Learn’—to use our own—free will to do—what Laws—expects us to—do? How are the differing views—values and expressions—the hopes and beliefs—of ‘common folk’—found and drown—round ‘quitting time’—treated—completed—continued and amended—and silenced by ‘rich and powerful folk’—financed singularity—at birth—medicine’s front door—at school bells ringing—turning outward-in—free will—printed freedom—and outside thought—bent-broken-borrowed-lost-stolen—and lost inside—those white spaces between black ink and rhyme.

And! Government’s attempt—bureaucracy unkempt—silence speaks—dissociated reeks— difference cannot conform—still quiet—whispers-tipsters—non-conformity—forms-reforms—for awhile—then dies–then born—borne again…The shackled ones—the voice of whispers—more often—than strong—and still the—force of believing—hopes—dreams-of-dreams-to-be—for you—for me—as we—bend stolen—force circles—square—upside down—triangular word-forms—to line front—row deep—peoples’ steep—not freedom’s song—wrong—and different views—all right—tonight!

Have ‘we-the-people’—been reduced through the use—of different styles of—repression and by another—birth-song of propaganda right-to-left—or less—by ‘hurling’ those same—shape shifting lies—toward receptive walls—or through fear—silenced. Slogans and words—‘right-fight or-left right’! Walls built—world’s tilt—from rain-to-silt-to-mud and either—rivers’ run or islands—rise again…”God and Country First”—people make and people take—no gain—just pain—red blood flow—children grow—adapt together—or cease-to-be—when being-is-seeing—together is ‘yes-way’ and ‘apart—never-ever are people too—strong and usually wrong.

Protection—must not—always equal servitude? When—brain knows—humanities’ finest moments…Love—Peace—Touch—and—Trust…No charges or gains or losses—Flashes between the realities—of reality—and those sweet spaces—just an instant prior—then lips touch—co-mingled breath—warms the cold—evening air. A rational—response—to rational—insanity. A second—when no one stares into empty space—without—noticing starlight’s—star bright—and—star ships passing between—light-speed and arrival—silently appear. When everyone—everywhere—and—in-all-places— between skies—ground—realize—what we do not have—does not mean—anything… Feeling color—through both eyes—and—with our fingers. Hearing—a lover’s voice—touch our heart— before—substance becomes words—of meaning-or-reason-or-another—notion. When silence—so—completely fills all senses—with thunder and noise—and—music and notes—chaotic—or symphonic—simplicity—as duality ceases—and singularity—melts into universal polarity—and— truth.

Now! Drink—a Bourbon ‘kinda’ whiskey—at a Ginger colored—Inn…Dark-and-heavy—moon shine—long-way-off—touch skin-wind—begins-to-end–tonight. Begins to end—again…Life does open windows—with no views…donchaknow?

And! Beautiful you are…

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