Creatures Apart-Different Frequency-Different Sight…

“Like grapes, we have always accompanied the vat.

From the view of the world, we have disappeared.

For years, we boiled from the fire of love

Until we became that wine which intoxicated the world” …. DR. NURBAKHSH

Is it true ‘that’—“Ignorance is no bar to reason—for it is often a reasonable reverse?” A Society of Modern Thought and Venture is not totally immune from the social force of religions? What of the conditions of ‘human freedom’ and the challenges required by Capitalism and an obsolete system of political economy? And! How has mechanized labor affected individual laborers—restraining the union of voices—apart and in part because of coded words and the efficient destruction of blood-flesh-sweat and blood—again?


  • A Japanese haiku has 6-8-6 words per line.
  • An Italian Sonnet contains—8 and 6 combination…
  • Is a metaphor—a poet’s essential tool: X “is” —“Y “is like” …

Linking words by alliteration…

  • Semicolon usually divides two clauses, each with a verb—two halves that could stand as a complete sentence…However, by using a semicolon one may both separates and unite two lines.
  • Good poetry combines concision and suggestiveness.

I know well—the sounds of–bombs-away—and the explosions—death scattered ‘cross—the lands—I have walked—I have loved—and I have lived—or died upon…Another war—against Communism—why—war against labor? Why? These Continual Wars—against Communism…Why! These Continual Wars—against Labor? Corporate Ownership—fifty percent—of the total—world wealth. Does not—benefit Citizens—anywhere…Contaminated—in Greed. The only way—we succeed—is together…Unions-of-Labor—Revolutions to—begin-to-end-then-to-begin-again. Presently! America’s economy is—no longer an Economy of—Hope or Change…Please remember—Billionaires—care nothing—for Laborers—‘We the People’—and while still— pretending to be—Blue Collar—they ‘Be’ Liars everyone…

What—Why and How must—an economic structure—consider the—modernity of serviced—servitude—a renovated—rendition and a re-naturalization—of Societies’ Laborers—-while all-the-while—casting about impersonal laws—seeking—the removal—of logic from—Humanities’ control?

Václav Havel once wrote that; “the current crisis that the world finds itself in.” He identifies the crisis as a conflict between “an impersonal, anonymous, irresponsible and uncontrollable juggernaut of power” and the “elemental and original interests of concrete human individuals.”

“Ruled by the will of little people and the middling people, and by the demagogues they elected…And! Hobbled by moral laziness and fear…” Jonathan Fenby

  • Our world is finally ‘almost’ a Border-less World…Much to learn—Much to anticipate—Much to welcome—and Much to Never Fear—again…’Viva La Difference’…

Night Shift

It was not a heart, beating,

That muted boom, that clangor

Far off, not blood in the ears

Drumming up any fever

To impose on the evening.

The noise came from the outside:

A metal detonating

Native, evidently, to

These stilled suburbs: nobody

Startled at it, though the sound

Shook the ground with its pounding.

It took root at my coming

Till the thudding source, exposed,

Confounded inept guesswork:

Framed in windows of Main Street’s

Silver factory, immense

Hammers hoisted, wheels turning,

Stalled, let fall their vertical

Tonnage of metal and wood;

Stunned the marrow. Men in white

Undershirts circled, tending

Without stop those greased machines,

Tending, without stop, the blunt

Indefatigable fact”…Sylvia Plath

And! Beautiful you are…

15 comments on “Creatures Apart-Different Frequency-Different Sight…

  1. There is no decency, no balance in greed. There is no care in the pursuit of power. Thank you for your words which give me energy and will to keep fighting the injustice keep reminding self that it is not futile to want a fertile world from which we can all, ALL pluck what we need and no more. Naive I am accused of being, green but rather green and naive and decent than driving that juggernaut through innocent lives with no regard for anything except the lust for power and the slavering thirst for what I want. I can’t be the latter. I refuse and I am heartened when I read your words that at least I am not alone.

    • Hi Osyth…Thanks! “From which we can all, All pluck what we need and no more.” Love this! Anything we take beyond what we need—’tis the Greed of Destruction. You are not green—nor are you naive…You are the best! Wishing you Peace—Love and Hope…Phil

  2. I agree with BroadBlogs above, your writings are always beautiful plus I always know you are going to leave me something to hold onto, to take out and examine if you will and turn over and over in my mind. Thank you for writing both eloquent and thought-provoking blogs.

  3. Great post Phillip, yes it’s a great monster and its step is a tamping roller, Indifference… Solo le pido a Dios, the title of a song singed by the late Mercedes Sosa:
    Solo le pido a Dios
    Que el dolor no me sea indiferente
    Que la reseca
    Muerta no me encuentre
    Vacio y solo sin haber hecho lo suficiente
    Solo le pido a Dios
    Que lo injusto no me sea indiferente
    Que no me abofeteen la otra mejilla
    Despues que una garra me araño esta suerte
    Solo le pido a Dios
    Que la guerra no me sea indiferente
    Es un monstruo grande y pisa fuerte
    Toda la pobre inocencia de la gente
    solo de Armonica
    Solo le pido a Dios
    Que el engaño no me sea indiferente

  4. Hi Bridigo…Thank you! Beautiful words from Mercedes Sosa….We are—all casualties of these Eternal Wars…All of us—even our Unborn …Pray for Peace and Love—And! As long as I breathe—I hope…Wishing you Love—Peace—and Understanding…Phil

  5. I believe in many of your rants against the ones who try to smash and squelch the voices of laborers and hardworking people, Philip.
    May we strike a balance of representation, may we find compromises and balance in the new year. I have hope for the gentle, giving people who accept differences and want peaceful interconnected lives. Love this and Happy peaceful year for you, in your personal life, dear friend. xo

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