The United Space Of Scatter…

Down to the Waterline

“Sweet surrender on the quayside
You remember we used to run and hide
In the shadow of the cargoes I take you one time
And we’re counting all the numbers down to the waterline

Near misses on the dog leap stairways
French kisses in the darkened doorways
A foghorn blowing out wild and cold
A policeman shines a light upon my shoulder

Up comes a coaster fast and silent in the night
Over my shoulder all you can see are the pilot lights
No money in our jackets and our jeans are torn
Your hands are cold but your lips are warm”…by Mark Knopfler

Never stop—hearing things—seeing things—no matter—the complicated—or—the simple—no matter the time—or—the place—or—the reason—or—the rhyme…Only machines defeat—machines. On these nights—our children are—sent away—to safety side—not—safety arms…And! Then the bombs—break—the earth—quake—rubble rake—build again—bah-boom—bah-boom ’by-the-dawn’s-early-light.  ‘Often it is—sometimes the Ones—no other imagines—can do the Impossible—Do’…

Navigation hardware—and—sun shields—windward flight—‘cross long space—eternal light. Fifty miles—ride glide—or talk walk—not far in—Summer’s sunlight—long-to-walk—kind-to-talk—to arrive by Crooltowne Proper’s—Park side…Hundred years—built-to-bulk—along river pour—to lake front nights—water’s edges—defined where—grasses end—and—sands begin… World start—green light—blue corn—stocks—stacked ‘cross—giant ridge—five hundred miles and stopping—just because—height stops—and sky—begins. “Tis reach—to stay and say—this place is—climbing high—growing large—from spinning barge—‘cross this—sky bright and—eternal night…Everywhere snow—large flakes and small—swirl ‘round this alley wide—middle dark—to light muffled—both ends—where streets begin—and—alley’s end…Cold away from street lights…And! Silent away—from rider less—paths where—foot high white—bounce—lands and—covers asphalt ways—and concrete walks. Quiet so—Go no shadow pale—wall crawl—or dark creep—light speak—too scattered—to form—round interruptions—of snow motion—decent or bounce. Iron—horse less—Strider—covers grounds—where white drifts climb—frozen bits—of rhythm and rhyme—together—mingle—tingle and shape—another surface—against earth—propped just—beneath the sky…Her steps—quick now— disappear—beneath—winter fall—frozen wet—quick cover—to hide—both shadow—walk—and her sword—and shield…And! Within moments—and motion—she disappears…

Crowman’s time-of-days—are often fashioned—by old-fashioned—drinks of dark whiskey—and— splashes of—those things splashing—and those often—almost—often splashed…The Children have arrived—discovered food—and—sweet drinks—and—stayed for stories and far-off—sometimes covered magic—machine of sounds—pictures—lights and swirls…Is it Covens’ nature—to naturally alter—something caused—so long before—counting four and one half billion—trips around a single sun…Come back again—find world damaged—too greedy—too needy and plead—to survive—present conditions—lies of future spins—begin again—then just as lies—fail away and fade away—and fade away—today—fades away…

And! Does protection always equal servitude? So! Pixel me a thought today and watch as pictures fade away.


Called a Populist Revolution—not formed—not aware—scattered notions—neither right—often damaged and very wrong…Global cause—formations—cause Global pause! To deport—our people present—in the here and now—is cross-laced—in this place—and intimately connected—to a planetary movement—of both—important people and important goods—Our people create. Deportation is no longer an issue of domestic policy…To move—a force of good work—and honest labor—to deport our people—from a United-Scatter-of-States—-inches close—ideals-miles-apart—ruins life’s functions—when perhaps—globalization and—a restructuring of—everywhere—economics have— created the global migration—now-objects-of—‘stupid’—racial—radical—ridicules—righteous—rhetoric—repeating—mid century’s last—failures and bloody wars…Please too—remember—that fear of displacement—directly affects body—complete with exhaustion—defeat-of-immune systems—and family life…Increased inequality causes our people to become both unhappy and unhealthy…. Restrictions of hope—and Greed achieves—momentary success…Momentary success—never-ever—lasts forever…Transition—thinking—creations—of common enemy—always destroys—the common futures—of Common People…And! We are all—everyone—the Common folk—of this—Place—this World—and of— this Moment-in Time…

‘Deportation Forever Continues this Illegal and Wicked—Course of Global Separation and Global Apartheid’…We are all Children of this Universe and We all have the Right-to-be—Everywhere…


“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one“…John Lennon

And! Beautiful you are…

10 comments on “The United Space Of Scatter…

    • Hi and thank you! Yes—‘together we survive’…Our sweet—whirl and twirl—our home—this Planet—this Mother-ship-in-space— depends on the strength of US—everyone—everywhere! Wishing you many days of Gentle winds—Soft curves and Wonder…Phil

  1. It is a shame how so much has gone wrong, so quickly. Philip, yes to people and space to allow them to stay.
    Too bad our voices cannot raise in unity: “Stop trying to be a big bully and starting trouble.”
    I liked all the songs and especially the poetry of John Lennon’s, “Imagine.”
    Peaceful thoughts and sending you waves of wonder, Smiles, Robin xo

    • Hi Robin—Thanks and I am feeling those ‘waves-of-wonder.’ You are the Best…We are all Children of this sweet Earth and ‘Yes’ there is room for all of us—everywhere…Many gentle ‘Voices’ are the strength of US—everyone…Wishing you Love and Peace…Phil

      • This was such an amazing message, Phil.
        I like us all being Children of this sweet Earth. I feel you understood my ideas and you expanded on them to the moon and back.
        Oh, I will embrace the Love and Peace sent my way. <3 I'll send it back once I am "filled." I will send my "gentle voice" out into the galaxy, too.

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