Of Deadlines And Dancing Code…

Missing so—Our Wonderful Creative Spirits and Life’s’—wonderful sharing—of Writing—of Drawing—of Painting—of Thoughts—of Dreamscapes and…

Contracts are work and work is survival—and support. Support is Love and Care and Responsibility—responding to our—day-to-day—too necessary—to—and a (nine-to-five) —becomes a (six-to six) then a…Wowzer and rest begins and ends too quickly to…No complaints—just missing—the touch of Creative Spirits—in mind’s eyes—in eye’s mind—in heart beats—spirit seeks and pleasure…

Dancing with Code—a Creative Spirit—walks into spaces—between—zero and one—and one and zero. And! Those spaces between Yes and No—are too small—too large—to miss and often never noticed. ‘Time flies—when busy’ and the pulls—tug both hearts and minds—diverse and confused—solutions both; simple and complex—lost and found and again lost only to be found—regarded—discarded or—implemented—compiled—and again—Code Balloons fly—‘cross million wires—into simple ‘Yes and No’…’No and Yes’— while surprises—simple—often operate complexities of—surprise and survival.

  • Why use dashes? A little wig-waggle—a stop and a start is simple—fun scratching—the itch—of grammar—the rules of composition—dash-dot—goes Code Balloons—into a sky—filled with ‘Yes and No.’

“Love is the force that binds together and moves everything in the universe—creatures and objects are part of a total motion without top or bottom, gravity or resistance” … Chagall

“But time has no beginnings and history has no bounds
As to this verdant country they came from all around
They sailed upon her waterways and they walked the forests tall
And they built the mines the mills and the factories for the good of us all”…by Gordon Lightfoot

Is it Leadership or just US—requiring change—requiring solidarity—And! Needing Love…What is the ‘Cost of Poverty’ and the Charge for ‘Disappearing the Middle Class?’

The ‘Administrative Government’…According to Philip Hamburger (a constitutional scholar and winner of Manhattan Institute’s Hayek Prize) is Unlawful—“Our government can choose to proceed against (You) in a trial with constitutional processes, or it can use an ‘administrative’ proceeding where (You) don’t have a right to be heard by a real judge or a jury and you don’t have the full due process of Law. Our fundamental procedural freedoms, which once where guarantees, have become mere options.” (taken from the ‘Opinion’ page—A13 of the WSJ—June 10-11, 2017 by John Tierney)

‘Bon Voyage’ diversity into smaller hopes and greater fears. Such is (be) the evil-of-Greed and the exchange of Freedom for Less…and Farewell’ to our Bill of Rights and our ‘Lady of Liberty’s’ tears continue to fall—the strength of Immigrants (now called aliens) arriving—diminished from a hopeful—flood of honest labor and dreams—into Code Balloons of ‘Yes and No’…

The rhythm of Zero and One is not the rhyme of these “Ghosts in the Machines’…Empathy is the only variable machines fail to match—or— Understand…Donchaknow!

And! Beautiful you are…

14 comments on “Of Deadlines And Dancing Code…

  1. It’s the little whispers behind the hand that make this so powerful ‘immigrants (now called aliens)’ … where does it end? Can we stop the train? I have to hope that if the collective selfishness and greed that we have allowed to seep in over centuries, the I need instead of understanding it is simply a want nature of humanity that we can reinstate humankind. That we can stop the juggernaut and get back to Chagall’s truth. Thank you Phil. Sometimes we need to swallow the bitter pill to bring us back to reality. As Alice knew ….

    • Hi Osyth…You words—Truth! …Klaus Meine wrote… ‘”I follow the Moskva—
      Down to Gorky Park—
      Listening to the wind of change—
      An August summer night—
      Soldiers passing by—
      Listening to the wind of change”…As long as I breathe—I hope! Wishing you a Wonder-filled week…

  2. How do we escape life reduced to code, 1s and 0s, yes and no. Love this Philip, love Chagall’s art and his quote. Chagall epitomises the spirit freed from the tyranny of code. Does that make sense?

    • Hi and thanks! Of course, that makes sense…Life is never reduced to 1s and 0s…Empathy separates us from our Yes/No machines…Spirits ‘free’—Spirits ‘be…’Wishing you Gentle winds—Soft curves and Wonder…

  3. The way we need to be, to stay, to be one. . . Nature, humanity and one friend together with one friend. . . It is not man to man, not woman to woman, but person to person!
    I had two grandparents who came here,one from Germany and another from Sweden. They reached out to all kinds of ethnicities. My.parents taught us to embrace differences. xo 💖🕊🎶

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