Destiny Edwards

Destiny’s Battle With Brain Cancer

16 comments on “Destiny Edwards

  1. Dear Philip, I am so sad about Destiny.
    Unfortunately, I have stretched my small budget with grandchildren, as well as my oldest daughter getting married this summer. I helped with her and her husband’s new home down payment.
    May God (Mother Nature) put his (her) healing hands upon Destiny’s life.
    I am going to include Destiny on my prayer list, as well as my friend, Patrice’s prayer list.
    Sending hugs, hope and blessings for good medical care. 🕊 💞

    • Hi Robin…No worries regarding donations. Your family is always first…The real reason I blogged this is to let you guys know that we love Destiny and that a Cancer called: (DIPG) diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas is…Lost for words here! Destiny joined our Family last year and she is our Granddaughter…She is Beautiful Spirit. Thanks for your prayers and your cares…Phil E.

    • Hi and Thank you so much…Destiny joined our family last year and we are all so happy she is with us…Destiny is beautiful Spirit! She is our Granddaughter! The cancer is called: (DIPG) diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas…Thanks again for the love and prayers you are sending her!

    • Hi La Marr…Thank you so much! Destiny joined our family last year! She is a beautiful Spirit and we are so happy she is sharing her time with us. The Cancer is called: (DIPG) diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas and it is a Wowzer

  2. What a story. After finally finding a loving home she deserves to enjoy it. I’ll head over to leave a few dollars and will tell others about her story. I’m wishing her well. Sounds like her spirit is strong and she’s got so many people pulling for her.

  3. Oh Philip I am devastated to read this and to read the comments and understand who this lovely young spirit with the beautiful name is. This life we share is hellishly unfair and I send her love. I send you love. I will send a little tangible help to the cause and I wish you all the strength I can muster for the tough road ahead ❤️

      • Share and share on. You have my donation (I do these things anonymously always as a principal) and I truly wish your family the most stress free of times. I cannot imagine. Even though I have lost a child, I cannot imagine. Be strong, be positive, for Destiny but if you want a place to offload, please feel free to email me . I send you all love.

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