Emergent Entry…

A lighthouse, countless lifetimes gone, spark as great beams sweep across sight line discharge and disappear only to eternally reappear. Pulsars pulse power ‘cross a sparkling firmament.

Touch me with sing-song poems. Forget the world and touch me with voice. We two—too need those requiring words of hope. And! Verses of love’s together-forever. Whilst! Dark dancing with rhythm in our minds and drumbeats in our hearts…

A blood moon before sight as ears perk for Coyote’s lunar call. Early morning and snow curves to white silver and interwoven shadows of leafless limbs and long trunks stand between the moon and ground touch. Black road now white, a gentle declination from community’s frontage, down the gentle hill. Cold and bright stars spot sky beyond rooftops and brighter just as moonlight slips closer to the earth.

They evoke the ‘Time of Councils’. They remember the countless deliberations, the wine and beer, the emotive currents of parallel and divergence. The Elders appreciate the strength of unanimity in both directions and in the thrill of indirection. Good to be an idealist and better to implement, then to watch struggles decrease and die without formal intent or the informal ventures of a straightforward mind. Shriek and speak and peak and realize the up-down issues of a United People or a Distant Society or listen to murmured fabrications in the dark.

Words are vascular and alive. Life flows thru vein-to-brain then ink flows and magic often flat is smooth and…And! Mind speaks simplicity with force combined to shout future verse with yesterday’s sweet silence. To listen! To so softly pronounce and become choir sing-song’s harmonious visions. Is truth found here? Is in communities ‘cross land and seaside channels a fact that each community found discovers itself on the verge of losing every part and every parcel of any fortune or any chance of regaining any semblance of harmony, love and joy?

Are we caught in that consistent struggle to maintain perpetual conflict with one-another and to protect ourselves from each other? Why? We accept these ‘all the time’ situations as unalterable and unavoidable and ‘so it must be true,’ this way of life’s life. Wow! We are effective at destroying ‘the enemy’; so proficient, that we are unable to identify an adversary from a ‘maybe or almost’ the same blood-red animation we want or desire to embrace—not race but begin and end with a sometimes or almost never-ever or requiring an absolute maybe?

Erecting partitions between Mexico/South America and the United States is without intelligence. Walls are pointless; as are, hollow gestures and additional reasons to disconnect. ‘Donnie T’ is just another ‘Poser’ of this country’s betrayed unity and direction? Global reasons to exist will conclude as divisions increase hate and ignorance and vacuous nationalism and abject failure of new realities, as greed continues its evil. Attempts to control thought are attempts to control America? Constant learning is another form of survival’s attempts to animate. We provide the poise required to afford physical sustenance, covering and haven. What is the sacrifice for this equilibrium?

Being afraid to exist is the notion of moving through a barely recollected time of future’s fate and prior to another trip-in-time. Government is controlling an alienated society and the anterior faith in promises and desires. The elected ones cannot move toward either truth or nonfiction due to the simple reasons that lying is the easiest form of communication. And! None seem to care.

“It started with workers’ evening classes outside the city gates. Her kind blue eyes would sparkle as she told me in a rote, sing-song voice of the importance of awakening the workers’ class consciousness. I was happy for her and realized what a joy it must be to discover some all-consuming goal.” …by Larissa Vasilieva

Is Dancing-in-the-dark a prudent practice or is unawareness as idyllic as lingering to trace flowers with eyes-to-face-to-ground and then to drift away into silence. Principles determine how to restrain shares of humanity’s essentials, desires, hopes and fears. While the Constitution of America is noble, it is an impractical paradigm. Its structures are impossible to apply, since values adjust swiftly. Standards amend and are either normally just or abnormally unjust. We are conscious of the ‘Military Industrial Complex.’ Will the current actions of 2019, imply the termination of any hopes to continue our righteous and upright and ethical Freedoms? Freedom’s endurance or America’s Dreams-of-Direction is its independent spirit. Justice be a damnable notion to quantify, to identify and to practice properly. This Republic may not be clever enough to follow this fragile and undoubtedly corruptible Representative Democracy.

To seek and destroy others due to divergences in shape, in scope, in tint, in notions or faith is intention with no ‘assonance or intelligence’. The colored fibers of an arras must be many and without reason for life has no meaning if lacking variety and noise and without sing-song choirs and time.

And! Beautiful you are…


‘In Space’ by Stive Morgan

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