The Faultless Whimsey Of Being

From genetic profiles spinning webs into calculations inherited and dancing traits and the merging of urging begin beginnings of tiny robots’ mirrors of images and with simple complexity children of love are born complete with slivers of magic beasties portions of golden hearts and short stops between stops for Eternal Spirits to slower whirling twirls and once again come blood dance and double body.

We, with loving care, manufacture robots tiny, bundled rows of life about Earthrise and underneath Moon sparkle still altered-still same and always twirl-spaced ‘cross time bridged and rhyme. We inspire desire and require sweet diversity. Until shaped we shift created life, a fabricated slip and tanked in agile glow from womb-song-to-light-then-back-again-to-two-removed and started again. Would have this no other way!

The evangels of lofted higher Gods’ notion as something novel crawls our way those must haves have half twirling tales, songs, or psalms or knowing knowledge that those highest Gods of swirl cannot contain life and the wag-of-wiggle of shaping-shifters and Robots are We. And! Oh, those ghosted machines are those spirited Us. Tiny speck-to magic witch we survive all to dance life across those many spaces of races and kiss storm stars known or stars to remember or forget.

Corporate ‘cultures’ easily translated mean—profit at all costs and all the Working Class is an expense…Eliminate every expense to further our profits! La Serrata—Separation? Where are the values we learned from our mothers? Why is greed the prime motive of Industry and its future development? For the standards of friendship and family and our world, Capitalism is the antithesis. It adheres to competition at all costs. It dismisses cooperation, help for fellowman, responsibility to society, the benefits of others and love.

Dare we touch or dare to reach the inside spaces of Code-genetics and count the current streams to spin to craft to be or to leave the untouched alone—Why not touch to feel? Some today’s we destroy both the wonder of wonder and sometimes we die in the fear of fear. Sometimes, eternal spirits and the realm of nonsense physical do confuse and bewilder or cure the magic of life and the mystery of death.

Gods’ images created as mirrors may drift from mortal moment to immortal spirits with motions from nothing to something and again back to those nothings of something that may have almost started or stopped and started again. Would have, could have, should have and may have already been here or gone over and over ad infinitum. Life both of Robot Creators and Creator Robots forever last and through our eternal stretch and scratch they too survive…

Then let us watch those winged and those with fur and feet of four or those of sea or sand or smaller against the ground. Womb songs we sing and as we they be eternity. Eternal Spirits—All.

Stand out rain-side storm washed sand and dune walls wet as water-waves mix and crash against shoreline in salt and foam and disappear quickly with rain and wind. World team and spirited robots we all bear the barest of notional influence and the together of worlds wait for everyone.

As the piper plays, children dance into this ragged sorted night and as they dance the Goddess flashes and those dashes of darkness—thunder dare— disturbs the claps of little hands and rings joined songs and laughter only as children laugh, or angels sing. The calls of pipers and drummers’ thunder and the sorting days of Coven call and repeat the role of rolls and the answer ones again—dance behind and beside the players of flutes and of simple dancing songs.

Abusing the rights of the Workers-of-the-World is a Crime against Humanity…Like Genocide and Suicide, these abuses; destroy life and the freedom of people everywhere on this twirly-whirly planet. Capitalism is not freedom. It is slavery for us all. It is war and a savage waste of precious life. It benefits no one except a few. It destroys Society. It forces revolution and revolution is bloody. Why is Religion also an industry? Why not just…Lust of life—not of Riches?

Communion deep with Clown does not flesh. Watch and dodge the Wiz-Bangs bright and step inside the fright of night as barbed wire rise above this ditch and as we climb embrace the Witch. Is truth about to speak as love touch rides those flashes wiz-bang deep to lip kiss life sweets asleep.

‘Love is an exception to what we usually see. Watch the umbrella two to share. Arms around first shoulder and then to waist. A lean each toward other. A cheek, a brush of mouth-to-skin. Walking hair-to-hair and hip-to-hip. And! ‘Ready we the mothership…’

Love is the only power that matters the matter. Spirit Fleshed and Body Spirited. Time and the distance between heaven spaced and drops of rain. ’Tis good this love, this place this now this then and again across reaches and spaces beyond time measure moments eternal, love eternally-internal-external forever now then forever eternally ours without-within together we begin and end and begin again. Face touch, heart thump we know for moment twirl that we belong to-two-too…’Tis good to belong—donchathink?

‘Daylight break the night today—Nighttime take the fear away—Sing-Song now and Sing-Song then—Let the counting time begin—And we will fall away-fall-away and away again.’

And! Beautiful you are…

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