A Lower Winter’s Light…

The word “solstice” is derived from the Latin words “sol” (sun) and “sistere” (to stand). Winter solstice is also known as “The Day the Sun Stands Still.”

Goddess and Gods dance inside snow fall, desert sands, hills, moors and within soft lights tonight. Beiwe and her daughter Beiwe-Neia, Tonantzin, Bheru, Horus, Louhi, watch while the Kallikantzaros count colander holes and return to somewhere underground.

And! Maybe once or twice a modest breach in our Universal Vault emerges and, on that star-filled night, magic happens. The ‘Witches of Nature’ gaze upon this Worldly-Twirl and pause for a second to watch lights dance across the heavens. For that moment they smile, and one-plus-one equals two.

And! Beautiful you are…

Echo of Rising Moons…

F102Walk the path of these days and past’s presence and today’s tomorrow dreams.

Are we the builders of a grand place and the ancients of straw homes in tomorrow’s futures? Often music calls a spirit to dance ‘round a late night fire somewhere in distant time—We began before the stars—And together we melt into the mist…

Fire and shadows cross a sky

Color moon of blood and gold

Simple songs and thudding drum

Stars light up another home.

We move by wind across this place

In sunlight waves and dancing twists

Of silver rain and stretching space

Ship’s gentle streaks in skies of grace.

With muted voice and silent rooms of

Blood touched throat and emptied tombs

Bridge walked toward and skylight’s scream

By taking flight and falling dream.

Warming suns of days ago

With salted mist and taste of tongue

Lights of passion—times of rain

Wolf cries shout of sands and home.

Across this universal stretch.

Window shine in candle’s light

And let us touch another peace

Of safety sleep and lover’s reach.

Echo starts and rising moon with daylight noises coming soon. Cross a spinning place of dare in city soft and city fare. Of touch and flesh and us tonight—As we begin this dance of light…

 And! Beautiful you are…